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So, I'm the marshall of my kingdom and I just captured 2 towns and a castle (Ichamur, Tulga and the castle between them, I'm playing as the Nords) both towns have a Lord appointed to them but no garrison in them which now forces me to travel between them to make sure we are not under siege otherwise the enemy would take the towns easily. I was allowed to place as many men as I wanted but I felt like it was a waste since I wouldn't get them back so I didn't. My question is, how much time does it take for the lord of the town (and castle) to appoint a sufficient number of men to his garrison so that I can stop camping the towns and focus more on the attack?
What i know that few days before the king give the fief to a lord, the garrison get filled by 20-30 men automatically.
Yes it automatically get few soldiers in the garrison and not by the Marshall, but if the king gave the castle to you then it will have no garrison.
In other words, if you see a garrison, it means that the castle will be given to someone else within a few days.  My concern is when there's a town, a castle, and a village all waiting for a garrison, and I've got enough Renown to have a good chance of getting one of them, but if the King offers me the village, I probably WON'T get the castle or the town even if I turn down the village (turning down the offer generally puts you out of the running for other fiefs for some period of time).

I occasionally recruit a few raw recruits from the closest villages and drop them off in the castle to help discourage sieges.  Numbers matter more than quality for the AI to decide where to attack, and will at least force the enemy to take the time to build ladders or a tower and assault the castle.
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