"All Hands Ahoy!" Free DLC released


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Hi everyone,

"All Hands Ahoy!" free DLC is now released for all owners of the game. In addition to this, Blood & Gold itself will be discounted on Steam for two days 50%. Grab it while you can!

This update brings a good question — what's so good about being a pirate? We got you covered with this video:

Update notes for 2.060:


- Illegal horse races with no rules — ask Suspicious man about them if you're interested.
- Story campaign — pirate adventure about love, revenge, rise to power and killing Spanish governors.
- Unique city locations for each faction.
- Adult content in pirate taverns — be sure to turn it off, if you're playing with kids.
- City raids — if you need some money and have some thugs in your party, but you don't feel like risking everything for a siege attack, this is an option for you. Quickly raid a city, killing innocent people and grabbing everything of value.
- New interactions with ships in the sea — you can try trading with other ships or instigate a ship's crew to throw their officers overboard and join you as pirates.
- New multiplayer mode “Hunger Games”.

In order to start the story campaign from the latest update, there is a number of conditions:

- Have negative relationship with Spain.
- Have 0 or more relationship with Brotherhood of the Coast.
- Don't be married and don't fail the Governor's daughter quest.
- Have the renown of 300 and more.
- Complete at least three missions (from governors or the Suspicious man).

After this, visit any non-pirate city.


- Removed numerous jamming points on the global map.
- Improved AI behavior in land sieges.
- Improved calculation algorithm for boarding parties.
- Added button for quick access to trading convoys.
- Fixed imbalance in prosperity for cities.