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first sorry for my broken English - i must use google translate.

I have big problem, after around 800 game days I must use cheat mode - because I don't like it as stupid game suggests lords for my fiefs. So I turned on cheat mode (cheat_mode 1 in the config file), assigned fiefs (2 fiefs to two lords) to lords, and turned cheat mode off (cheat_mode 0).

After loading the game, the message "Achievement disabled" will be displayed. Any ideas? Deleting the config_engine file did not help. The file integrity verification on steam also does not work. I'm afraid that reinstalling won't help either, as I feel like this isn't even about the config file, but rather the cloud or even the save file itself.

I'm already desperate. I feel like the full version is more broken than EA….if the economy and diplomacy and the management of the lords worked... then the players wouldn't have to solve it through cheats!

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