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m3:Sellsword (maw's murder mod), at its core, is a version of Mount&Blade that allows your character and key npc heros to die.

the dying is designed to add a heightened sense of purpose and attentiveness to playing M&B. I found that in the basic M&B it became easy to wear down the enemy by continually attacking a larger force, killing a few each turn, on;ly to be 'knocked unconcious' and return again with all of my equipment and men.

in the present version (808a), you or your heros have a chance of dying when they cross a threshold of health, modified by surgery and first aid. fail removes that character from the party as 'dead'. another npc may appear later under the same name, but names are common... if you die the games over.

further annoying is the 'enhancement' of your enemies, providing them with weapons, armor, and skills that can explain them surviving in the now very deadly environemnt of Calaradia.

also in this version, if you are captured and escape, you are stripped of your goods and gold. not good, and difficult to come back from.

other cool things are: huge, HUGE map with 70+ cities and 20+ castles, attack or recruitment of most non-aligned parties on the map, a crude Reputation system, RCM-style weapons and armor, enhanced and expanded horses, a caravan investment scheme through goods merchants, camping on map to recover injuries, ability to put goods in the camp baggage expanding the amount of goods carried, and unending hysterically grim humor. names for most heros are taken from the m&b forum, which gets to be a laugh sometimes.

essentially, its a tough, mean, hardcore mod for people who believe they are expert players. as m3:Sellsword expands, there are certain storylines i'd like to pursue - but i'm a content guy, so the story's are a distant second after combat and battle improvements.

so, come. visit a calradia you've never seen before.

and die.


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