A game setting or a mod that lets you temporarily or permanently destroy settlements

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I recently played Battle Brothers, a mercenary band management game similar to M&B but with turn-based combat. That game has a setting you can choose at the start which lets settlements be permanently destroyed.

Having this mechanic in Bannerlord would enable the player and enemy Army Commanders (with very negative traits) to destroy castles and towns (& their attached villages) after conquering them. There would also be a "refugees" mechanic associated with the destruction; peasant parties escaping the destroyed settlement would move towards nearby (friendly and neutral) towns, increasing the prosperity & militia, but decreasing the security and/or loyalty if they manage to reach their destination. I would also suggest being able to attack these refugees in order to keep the status quo in your settlements, but that might be a bit too spicy for this game in this current political environment (though we can already attack civilians, raid villages, devastate towns and knock pregnant ladies unconscious, so this really wouldn't be too controversial for this game).

I know that this would be an unhealthy feature for the game if it was implemented haphazardly, but I think that it would be a load of fun as a game option we can select at the start of the game or as a mod, especially if it was combined with a late-game invasion. I'm not particularly interested in a late-game invasion as I think that such features are often unfair or unfun, but it might spice up the game especially with settlement destruction, especially if the invading force was unfairly strong, it would give a new challenge for the veterans of this game who don't find the game hard. Possible invading cultures already exist in the game in the form of Nords, Vakken & Darshi (and Nords do "canonically" invade before Warband), so there doesn't need to be an extensive creative process for them.
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I think that would be great! One thing that always stands out is how useless fiefs are in this game and the only real reason too take them is to take them from the AI and paint the map. Even using them to make clans is basically just to have another entity pay for them as the clans barely help with anything. Being able to just destroy fiefs would add a better way to progress though the game, especially now that it seems fiefs and related systems aren't going to change much.
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