5. Landwehr-Bataillon Königgrätz

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5. Landwehr-Bataillon Königgrätz

Welcome to the 5. Landwehr-Bataillon Königgrätz, a brand new, English speaking, Bohemian HRE Battalion featuring a shot and possibly a pike company. The aim of this battalion is simple: To have fun. The idea for forming the battalion came about when a small group of people from the 43rdQRA over in NW stumbled across this beautiful mod and decided that a "regiment" in this game just had to be made as it is immense fun.

So why join us? While it can be hard to put into words why someone should join your clan over others since all claim the same thing,
we do have a fun and active community both in and out of events, however if you're more of a casual player you're still more than welcome to pop along since deluge events are pretty sparse anyway. We are a more casual group than our NW counterparts as the whole thing was set up while on a public server so if a disciplined, more "professional" regiment is what you're after then you might be better off joining them.

We operate on the 43rd Brigade NW teamspeak which you're more than welcome to pop into for the **** and giggles:


-2nd Lieutenant

~Non-Commissioned Officers~
-Lance Corporal


[td]                                        [/td][td]


Captain - Rojoyerf
Lieutenant - Makk

~Non-Commissioned Officers~
Corporal - Twist

Musketeer - Dimitmusket
Musketeer - SolvingArc
Musketeer - Harold
Musketeer - Gordon
Musketeer - Jordan
Musketeer - Amori
Musketeer - Gavin
Musketeer - Börk
Musketeer - OldFool

~Quick Links~

~Steam Group~

5. Landwehr-Bataillon Königgrätz  5.LBK
"HRE regiment from North East Bohemia
Currently we have no events scheduled for the mod,
however we are just starting up so this aught to change
in the near future.Please invite anyone you think would
be interested."


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