143 things to improve in Bannerlord (Singleplayer + Multiplayer)

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So, Bannerlord if finally here for the public. I´ve played Bannelord now after it released for 25+ hours which is not much, but I got a perspective on what the SP is like and what the MP gamemodes are too. I am making this list just in hope that Taleworlds maybe sees this and could get a rough idea on what the community wants.
I´ll start with the singleplayer, I will state mostly additions but also some bugs and glitches that I found after 500+ days of SP.

PS: I am certain that some of these things are in way for future patches, or even are finished but just waiting for implementation. And also, I enjoy the SP and the whole game so so much, but I felt like I had to point out some things that I felt need improvement.

Lets start with the UI and the things that come with it
1. In the character tab it is hard to get to a my characters age (it could be shown just right next to him when I click on the character tab)

2. The skills are somewhat hard to understand, mostly with the gaining of levels in it (the info about leveling them seems quite simple for me, and personally I would add more complex information as for example what improves archery the most: hitting someone from a larger distance? Dealing more damage? How headshots affect it. How do different bow affect it. etc. ), and also the skills do not affect that many things that they should, for example gaining experience in weapons should mainly affect it speed greatly and also it´s handling rather than damage (but of course also damage), also for example in the vigor tab it states that higher vigor increases the ability to move with speed and force, but a bit down it states that increasing vigor makes it easier to learn bound skills and increases their cap, which for me is misleading as I don´t know if I should take the first sentence as just irrelevant (immersive) or that increasing vigor also ?increases movement speed?

3. There are too many attribute points. I never had a problem that I couldn´t level a certain skill as I did not have attribute points. (yes it may be because of the first levels being easier to level up, but still it is too fast, and I cant easily focus on every skill) + in the english localisation when hovering over the free focus points tab it says "evry"

4. In the inventory tab you can equip a horse as your passive gear, but can´t ride it when in a city/castle which is annoying as sometimes you just want to travel the city and talk to NPCs manually, and manage your businesses manually.

5. The armour has very weird balance, the starting armour that I got (layered leather tunic) had better stats (+18,+6,+4 - that is similar to a lot than some gambesons or even better, even coming close to some cheaper mail)

6. Some helmets have protection that does not fit on how they actually protect - Full helm over arming coif - +31 - the closed one vs. nasal helmet over mail coif that has +47, I understand that the second one has mail, but it is still a huge jump and I think that a plated helmet covering the whole of someone´s head should have a lot more protection

7. I was able to breed my camel when there was only one in my inventory (I won a single one in a tournament and after dozens of days I noticed that I had 9 camels in my inventory)

8. And also the game lacks a lot of variable weapons and armour. I expected much more to choose from, I understand that from the period that the game is in there was just mostly mail and gambeson but still the armour could vary a lot more and have some extras that would make it different (mail with gambeson under it, some plated parts of the mail but only a few, helmets could have mail that is padded)

9. In the party menu I have to really read all of the icons just to understand what do they stay for (letter L representing level should be replaced for something else as arrows pointing upwards, when recruiting a prisoner to my party the button seems small compared to the other free space that it has next to it, also the tiers could be more visible, perhaps they could have a different colour)

10. Troops such as recruits take very long to level up then they should for my opinion, but troops such as knights take a similar time as recruits to level up which is very fast (simply make elite units level up a lot slower but on the other hand make recruits upgrade a lot faster, so most of the armies would have mostly 2-4 tier units)

11. Not enough options when talking to a companion (I don´t even know if the clan positions do something, as they are not explained in any way, and I think that there should just be some flavourable chatting options as how do they like it in my party, or to tell me again where do they come from, or they could tell me some rumours that they heard)

12. Transfer/move all buttons are too small, especially when recruiting everyone in a settlement

13. The quests tab sometimes lacks some info (when helping a gang leader push out an another gang it should have a timer that says how much to wait, and also to know that I have to stay in the city without the NPC having to tell me)

14. Some quests such as bringing 10 crossbows to a gang leader are unreal as the crossbows cost 20k one piece (I don´t know why it is so much) and the leader will pay me 5k (Gand leader needs weapons)

15. The encyclopedia should be called notes rather (Just a bit irrelevant but I it makes kinda more sense, and it just brings the feeling from Warband)

16. Encyclopedia doesn´t include fiefs under characters

17. Someone has a occupation "Noble" even when he is a ruler

18. I don´t know what the traits (cautios, merciful, generous) are even for - there should be a tab that explains them, or explain it in the tutorial

19. The characters should be outlined by the colour of the faction that they are in for better visuals

20. Also I should be able to see easily if someone is just a mercenary or a king (some outlines)

21. I don´t even know where did I get my enemies (the whole enemy system is not explained very well, and for example once the king of Vlandia viewed as a friend, but then after some time I noticed he is my enemy)

22. The caravans are hard to understand and I can´t really operate or realize what they are doing (Can´t see where are they, and cannot control how well they will be protected, or what do they sell, or when they come)

23. Can´t track fiefs from the kingdom tab (when browsing fiefs in the kingdom tab)

24. It is hard to understand someones position from the character icons in the kingdoms tab (everyone just has some simple shield on them and I cannot tell if they are some unlanded simple vassals or a lord of some town + also the monarchs cannot be easily indentified on the campaign map, only by knowing them)

25. There should be more complicated banner and more colourful ones, but still maintaining the look of their faction

26. The policies don´t affect that many things (for example serfdom which is a very complex and important thing but it just detracts one militia per day? To whom? No unrest or other influencing parts, or "King´s mercenaries" it states that it just authorizes the King to maintain mercenaries even in peacetime but then it just give him double the influence.)

27. I can´t understand the impact if the council doesn´t approve (The council could be appointed by the Monarch and be overall more complex)

28. The influence options should be less present (as for me I am losing 3 influence per day most of my playthrough as for a few laws and because no-one decided to elect me a fief + I noticed that sometimes when I did not vote even abstain as I did not have any influence the election just kinda passed, and as I had 100 percent support I never got anything even when having good relations, big army, fought in multiple sieges/battle, and did not have a fief)

29. More ways to gain influence (the laws are just too simple for me as most of them just give +1 or -1, and also there could be a lot of influence gained just from persuading lords perhaps, or getting a monarch under my control?)

30. More influence from battles (perhaps just because I am losing so much influence and even when fighting a battle nearly every day I have no influence)

31. Easier and more simple ways to gain a fief when unlanded other than taking one or revoking it somehow (again just maybe because in my situation it was a lot more complicated to get a fief and even when I got one it was instantly taken, so I still do not have one)

32. The army tab could have more info (what men do they have, how many are coming to join, where are they, how much supplies they have, how men/reinforcements do they need for their task, highlight a fief that the army will besiege by the colour of the faction that it belongs to)

33. Cannot understand what the cohesion of an army means (I would like if there was a panel when hovering over it that would explain what it does what affects it and what it affects)

34. Everyone has a similar head gear so it is hard to even know if the one is a lord/king/mercenary (for example the Vlandians everyone mostly has a open crowned helmet which I think only the king should have and the other vassals could have varying headgear just so I could recognize them a lot more quickly and easily)

35. More diplomatic options (perhaps a more ck2/total war styled diplomacy with a lot of options to choose from)

36. Some sort of a peace conference where land could be annexed or returned + money reparations

37. More info about what happens when leaving a kingdom (how is the relation affected, if I would become hostile to the faction etc.)

38. Reasons for war (what is the ambition for declaring war, or any other meaningful reason other than just declaring because someone is weaker)

39. LESS WARS (+ making of a lot of alliances so if there is a war it will be massive and could change the flow of the whole game, but still there will be a low chance of completely destroying one faction)

40. The ability to set factions aggressiveness at the start of the game (to set from peaceful to very aggressive just to accommodate every type of a player - someone wants just constant war and going for some Calradia conquest, or someone wants to just take the game slowly and focus on the internal problems of a kingdom)
41. Better explanation of the consumable units and morale (explain more easily on which food affects the consumable units - by what number, and explain on how the morale affects the party on the campaign map and also in battle, and also how the morale is counted when in an army

42. Sometimes even when I have more than 10k coins I lose morale for "not paying" my troops (just a bug)

43. More things to affect influence (just make the influence system more complex, so it feels real)

44. Some flavourable events (Some random parties, disputes, etc etc)

45. Easier to understand icons of parties in a fief (it is hard to even see which and what parties are in a settlement)

46. Be able to bring far more troops to a hideout (I could bring at most about 10 soldiers into a hideout and when the hideout has 40 men in it it is so so hard and just impossible to win on the first try, and just a slaughter of my men)

47. Have destroying hideouts have a reason (not destroying them just grants you free easy to kill parties, + destroying it does not grant any large sum of money nor it does not grant some better gear than just killing the parties itself from the campaign map)

48. If I get wounded in a hideout (I could only bring so much troops) I shouldn´t get imprisoned instantly = already solved

49. The ability to regain soldiers after getting from captivity (jjust some higher tier veterans that are loyal to me and would return when I escape just as companions)

50. Captivity far more impactful (I got captured about 15x now and I don´t even care, I don´t even raise big armies just to save up money as getting imprisoned doesn´t really affect me, perhaps the party that captured me could take some percentage of my money and take a significant amount of my gear)

51. MAKE BATTANIA HAVE FAR LESS SETTLEMENTS AND FAR LESS OVERPOWERED (the Battanian starting land is far to crowded with settlements, obviously trying to make it balanced towards other faction which I do not personally like as I do not really care is some faction is weaker or stronger - for example the Sturgians are very very weak and most of the time just get destroyed very quickly

52. Prevent factions from declaring war on very distant factions (just attacking and besieging factions that do even have a border with my faction is annoying and weird)

53. More understandable recruiting from villages/cities (on how it really works and how the recruits are brought in and how to make the gang leaders to give me better troops

54. Add village elders (to be able to recruit from them, to manage land in the vilage, help the village, donate money, etc. etc.)

55. Be able to recruit directly from a fief (not from characters)

56. Tournaments very simple and easy (Just free gear most of the time, and after a few times just too much repetitive and after a few hundred days just competitive)

57. After a tournament more options to do in the town (a little feast, access to the keep)

58. Make women more women like to the "time period" (yes, yes this game is not "historicaly accurate", but I do not want it just to have that statement true, I want it because it is important to me NOT to have women somewhat unequal or something, but so they have their position that they should have, listen there is a reason why women were not leading war parties, alright?? And it is not about some men forcing everyone to do their will so please shut the hell up already everyone), make them the stewards, or just have them go around fiefs but not in full gear fighting, but accompanied by guards

59. Add a lot more noblewomen to marry (or just commoner women too)

60. Nerf forest bandits (make some not wield bows as they destroy everyone without a shield)

61. Sometimes send troops option results very weirdly (3 sea raiders killed 30 recruits)

62. Add feasts back, and have more options in them (make them just lively, not with just lords in them)

63. More flavour in managing my fief and party (just even some irrelevant "cosmetic" or something just to bring more roleplay to the game)

64. MORE TROOPS (just so they are not different just in weaponry but also in a lot of other things

65. Have even the same troops have different equipment just to have some variety in a battle

66. More colours for troops (just so every faction does not just have it´s troops with the same exact colour)

67. Make the Aserai more peaceful, and make other factions not so eager to attack them as the desserts are not that good for other factions (Also this should be for Sturgia)

68. Make the merging of the Empire more complicated (The Empire in my game got together in the first 200-300 days)

69. Make more options for marrying (Not just lords)

70. The ability to buy land in villages and manage it

71. More options than just having an army and fighting (just other non repetitive things to do rather than just fighting)

72. Rework the businesses completely (So the businesses cap does not need to be and so the money revenue cap does not need to be too

73. ADD THE ABILITY TO BUILD MY OWN FIEF TO MY LIKING AND UPGRADE IT (in this time it was pretty usual, and it would add so much to the game although it would be most likely unreal so far in the development and hard to implement)

74. Make the reinforce range visible on-map (just some circle around my party when I hold alt)

75. Add a few more villages perhaps

76. More flavour in towns, villages and castles (even random events, tavern fights)

77. More flavour in managing fiefs (random events and quests that would affect the prosperity or other things of the fief and should be dealt with)

78. Add faction population to limit recruitment

79. Add war exhaustion (to limit the length of wars) (fiefs would lose prosperity and loyalty)

80. Add more relevant serfdom (to be able to send armies under a companion as a duty to your liege in a war)

81. Make simple looters and other weak troops a lot easier to kill (one hit should be enough)

82. But make better troops a lot harder to kill but a lot more expensive to buy (so knights don´t die to looters)

83. Fix SP siege stuttering (Sometimes I just jump from 60 fps to 15 fps in a siege)

84. Rework the prices of equipment (some are too low and some are just too high)

85. Add the ability to even build businesses on land (for example to build a vineyard somewhere in the Empire)

86. Make arrows deal a little more damage to shields

87. If a javelin hits a shield you should move a lot slower or be able to snap it (to balance it javelins could deal less damage)

88. Add more variable food

89. Add back the ability for food to affect morale

90. Add far more field battle maps (they are getting repetitive very fast)

91. Add more plain maps especially when being in a big battle

92. Let armies prefer fighting on plains

93. Make internal wars in factions, and make them quite frequent so when there are for example 2 factions left I can still fight in frequent wars or gain land by war

94. Make all of the gang skirmishes and wars make some sort of an impact, as now nobody really reacts to massive killings on the street, and it does not really add much to the player (it is just still the same thing over and over)

95. Make rebellions a thing, but make sure they are not that frequent but also that they actually occur

96. Make the map movement speed more dynamic and more easy to understand

97. Also make the map movement speed number be bigger (it is hard to see when I am running from someone and want to see if I can outrun him)

98. Add the ability to see expected outcome of a battle without engaging the party (when hovering over it it could show when pressing alt)

99. Add some sort of map types so I could see which clans control which land or some other maps as prosperity/security/food etc.

100. It is hard to find what faction is at war with which if I am not a part of them (add some quick indicator that would show it, or some on-map indicators that would show it)

101. In siege battles the ladders are completely useless and actually just completely destroys the attackers as there will be like 10 defenders on one ladder just destroying everyone that tries to climb it (lost a siege battle because of it with having 5 times more troops)

102. Add more options for players which are ok with one fief and just want to chill in it and prosper

103. Add bannermen (perhaps being able to assign a companion as a bannerman)

104. In custom battles flags cannot be picked back up

105. The quest where I should find a new lord that is able to pay for some mercenaries is too easy for the payout that it gives

106. Perhaps add a few mercenary camps for easier recruitment

107. Make some mercenaries that join your party for a certain amount of time and require a single payment

108. Add the ability to pick-up javelins from shields but they would have less damage after that

109. Add the possibility to throw my spear even if it is not a throwing weapon (maybe even a sword but that would be bs in MP)

110. In the Aserai territory there could be some big secret band of organized mercenaries that the faction would have to deal with

111. Perhaps add some farmlands on map that I could purchase and manage

112. Add back the ability of right-clicking on a fief and being able to open notes (encyclopedia) to see a detailed view of the fief

113. Add the ability to send out one of my companions to look and get back my other companion that left after myself getting imprisoned

114. Add the ability for your troops to crouch (in the command menu)

115. Make all shields be able to cover the top of my head - as the sturgian can (for proper shield walls)

116. Add back the ability to set up camp and to look in it (maybe the start of building my own settlement)
117. After a won tournament make some perhaps random encounters where some noblewoman likes my combat ability and starts to flirt with me
118. Add an actual reason for more bandits to spawn or for some hideouts to appear (maybe a pop-up)
119. Make thrusts not poke so much
120. Make spears actually usable on foot in one on one combat (just pokes and pokes everywhere)
121. Add a lot of special parties to just live up the map and for me to not feel so big and important
122. Make seasons affect the game a lot more (when it is winter: more attrition, far less food production, a lot slower army movement, lords don´t want to attack in winter)
123. For the Sturgians make some "event" spawned parties that would come to raid nearby factions and perhaps leave or join Sturgia
124. For the Vlandians add some parties from the distant islands that come as mercenaries to help Vlandia
125. For the Emperor of all of the Empire add some sort of a very special troop exclusively for the Emperor
126. Make routing and breaking A LOT more frequent and rather make the enemies try to fight back a bit when being chased (just to limit the huge amounts of casualties in battle)

Well now I am just starting to make up weird things so I´d go to multiplayer now

And also I want to add that if just 1/3 of these things were added it would be greatest game I ever played

1. Make sieges actually sieges and not just breaking the gate and then killing everyone in the courtyard for 20 minutes
2. Add far more troops for every faction (or just make the ability to change their gear)
3. Players do not want a strict balance in the game, we want to have fun as we did Warband
4. That means adding a lot more freedom in game modes and not setting it as some counter-strike game where
5. Just remove the levels they are completely useless and I am not sure if anyone really wants them
6. Remove the death/kill count as that will just add to many native sweats that hunt for a good k/d (And so people will not be scared just to log on and have some fun rather than tryharding)
7. For my experience in MP there aren´t even chances of getting certain factions (I don´t know if this is true, but I always got the Khuzaits or the Empire)
8. Add weird, stupid taunts as in Warband
9. In captain mode add A LOT of bots or rather add more slots for players and add A LOT bigger maps (really like 6v6 is so small for Bannelord)
10. Add more polearms
11. Make skirmish and actual skirmish and not just some team deathmatch/capture the flag which is for me boring (Just add a lot more players and make it battle mode)
12. In sieges add a lot more destructibles as we saw in some siege battles or even more (it is not so complicated compared to what it gives to the players)
13. Add a lot bigger and more complex castles in siege and also add towns to siege
14. Make the ballistas actually usable as everyone will just get shot by an archer before even shooting and if he shoots he won´t just hit no-one
15. MAKE ARCHERS BREAK OR ROUT IN CAPTAIN MODE WHEN BEING FLANKED BY CAVALRY (once some Aserai veterans destroyed my cavalry unit of cataphracts even when I charged them several times)
16. On horseback add more damage for the speed bonus
17. Allow siege to have at the very least 100v100 so there is an actually battle happening

I did not play the multiplayer so much as singeplayer so I can´t point out that many things, but I have to say that singleplayer is a lot more stable and Warband like which is a big + for me, and I think that the player base want a big step back for multiplayer to be similar as in Warband (as freedom defines Mount and Blade so we should have that freedom in Bannerlord too)

I would really like for people to tell me what they actually think of these ideas, if they are completely insane, useless or perhaps have a point

Some point I typed in caps, that signs that for me it is of great importance

And also keep in mind that I personally love the game completely, even with some bugs and missing features that I would love to see, it is still a completely masterful game and I thank Taleworlds for that

Keep in mind that we cannot expect a game after 8 years as some big studio would bring us, so actual good big game studio could make this type of a game a lot quicker, but Taleworlds is smaller so it take a lot more time, that does not mean that it is perfect just for taking so long.

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Good point, this is not a history game, its fantasy. A world where woman have more rights and opportunities then in our sad history. Taleworlds did a great job. I also cant see "Armored Bikini Warrior Babes" thats a big plus also. Man i hate that so much in other games.
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Good point, this is not a history game, its fantasy. A world where woman have more rights and opportunities then in our sad history. Taleworlds did a great job. I also cant see "Armored Bikini Warrior Babes" thats a big plus also. Man i hate that so much in other games.

It's not about rights and oppotunities AT all, by you saying that it's not even worth explaining you why in 1080 it wouldn't happen even in your "fantasy" dream world.

Love most of your points OP, would add much more realism and immersion, I hope Talesworld take a look.
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Feminist alert.

It's not about rights and oppotunities AT all, by you saying that it's not even worth explaining you why in 1080 it wouldn't happen even in your "fantasy" dream world.

This game isn't historical, so no need to bind what is acceptable based on our world. There are a few female lords, I think one or two merc ones, and one or two in some factions. The world is still male dominated, just less harsh on women characters, where the sex of your character is just flavoring on what you want yourself to look like.
There where female lords and queens in reality so why shouldn't there be some in a fantasy setting?

Yes please. With the constant wars not only the pace of the game is faster, but it doesn't feel believable.

Good point, this is not a history game, its fantasy. A world where woman have more rights and opportunities then in our sad history. Taleworlds did a great job. I also cant see "Armored Bikini Warrior Babes" thats a big plus also. Man i hate that so much in other games.

The game is historical. And Warband had penalties and sexism if you chose to play as a woman, as it should be. The fact that there is no difference in how women and men are treated makes for shallow gameplay.

There where female lords and queens in reality so why shouldn't there be some in a fantasy setting?

There are different cultures in the game, they could differentiate them by having, I don't know, Battania having women equal to men and the Empire not having female leaders.

Also, this is not a fantasy setting
Also, this is not a fantasy setting
bro you're telling me Calradia actually existed?

There are historical parallels with some of our history, but the world is literally a fantasy world. No one from taleworlds claimed this game is historically accurate at all.
A lot of your suggestions are good, some are just small quality of life changes that don’t really need to be priority though. On the topic of no female lords, why does it matter? Let them do them.. I can’t complain I like the gear I get from marrying some chick xD
Female lords being in the game is fine. If a player, as a woman, can reach the peak of being able to serve under a lord, why wouldn't it be possible to have a woman in the same position? Plus, it's not like the entire faction is completely women. This would be weirdly opposite if it was an amazon kingdom and there were male lords running around.

For the time being, would it be fine for the current kingdoms to have that same fatigue timer that Warband would have? They make peace. Cooldown. Resume with gusto!
bro you're telling me Calradia actually existed?

There are historical parallels with some of our history, but the world is literally a fantasy world. No one from taleworlds claimed this game is historically accurate at all.

No, fantasy means that it has fantasy elements. Magic, Dragons, etc...

You can have an historical setting even with invented names and factions. The game is clearly based on early medieval europe, and as such it has to be historically accurate. Warband was historically accurate, in the first Mount & Blade versions you couldn't even create a female character because the devs didn't want to deviate from historical accuracy
I am sorry if anyone got angry because of me stating that there should not be female war parties, let me clarify that I have no problem with women and really them leading armies but, as I can only play a male character therefore I will be marrying only women, and for me it is better to just have women as the "governors" rather and those who will look after my fiefs and family, rather than patrol with full gear on.
And also there is a difference between fantasy that is based on real life but in a fictive world and a fantasy that has "magical" elements in it. That means that if a game is fantasy that does not mean everything can be "unrealistic."

And please lets rather stick to the other 130+ points rather than to argue about two of them
And please lets rather stick to the other 130+ points rather than to argue about two of them
I agree, it's just that I've seen probably 10+ threads for this specific topic about women. I would hate to be one of the devs and have to read all those, dev time should be going towards actual higher priority suggestions and improvements, not stuff like this that can be easily modded out...
This game is a prequel off of M&B Warband which is 210 years later. So I found it weird that in Warband the thought of a women being on the battlefield was unheard of and you would often be critic for being on the battlefield or made fun of by the other Lords or Kings (In fact it was harder to become a vassal because no King wanted to be the first to make a woman a vassal). However in Bannerlord they are everywhere, each faction has like 3-5 and the Southern Empire is ruled by one.

In doing the female play through in Warband I came to think that you being the only woman Lord in the game was empowering to women because there was often times where you could shut the mouth of those arrogant lords by testing your might on the battlefield against them or even beating them in a duel. I agree that I think female lords should be taken out for the integrity of the game but still allowed to be that strong female Lord that doesn't take no crap from anyone that continues to prove that stigma is mistaken and in fact women can lead too.
41. Better explanation of the consumable units and morale

16. On horseback add more damage for the speed bonus
Omg this is so true! I don't understand how they did it.

I agree on 80% of your points. Thanks for your detailed review! Very neat!
Why tf is everyone so up in arms about women being in the game. Does it really ruin your experience? I'm not a feminist but I don't mind a few lords in each faction being women. Taleworlds have stated that the game is historically INSPIRED but it's a LOW FANTASY setting, in multiple devblogs. You don't have to cry that 1-2 lords for each faction are female, it's not like it never happened in real life (not saying it was common). I too like history but seriously calm yourselves down. Also it doesn't make sense that only the player could ever become a female lord. You all sound like incels to me.
I play Vlandia and there are a lot of female parties, not lords (actually in Vlandia I think all of the women are riding with parties, but I am not sure), they are just governing their husband´s fief which is ok, but they ride with war parties which is quite weird for me.
But as I´ve said for me it is only for the immersion, and for that I really want to live my character like he would every time and that comes with attending to his wife and all, and with this preset it is hard to do, if you know what I mean
If mount and blade is realistic fiction or fantasy doesn't really mather. Its a made up world from taleworlds and if they say there a female leaders i have no problem with that. Like i already said there were female leaders in reality anyway.

About immersion:
I have problems to comprehend how female leaders break your immersion but not all the other stuff that is in the game.
Like all those AI characters who don't seem to care for their life.
"We are 5 looter and you have an army of 90 professional soldiers. Of course we don't surrender! Lets fight to the death who wants to life in calradia anyway..."
Or when you stabbed lord X the fifth time a lance in his head but he keeps respawning like nothing happend.
A complete stranger asking you to to bring back his run away daughter.
Lords that don't know you at all, who are currently busy hunting an enemy army, take their time to talk to you without any reason.

But ok. In the end im pretty ceartain taleworlds won't change the role of woman in M&B. Its a lot of unesseccery work.
As far as i know there are still a lot of not fighting women in the game that you can marrie.

3. Players do not want a strict balance in the game, we want to have fun as we did Warband

If we talk about multiplayer i defenitely want an balanced experience. I like playing games competetively and mount and blade is no exception from that.
A yeah, the sexist "historical" nazis coming out underneath their rocks. Dont use the word historical on Mount&Blade, the argument is useless. Its based on our medieval times, but only "based".
The devs said the game is historically realistic, not accurate. So having that many women warriors in all of the cultures is not historically realistic. I think female warriors would fit Battania and Sturgia, or Khuzaits perfectly well but not Empire or Vlandia.
Didn't Harlaus and Isolla both mention that there were Swadian warrior queens before in Warband? This seems to hint that Calradia (or at least Swadia) used to be a lot less sexist. Also, you guys should remember that Sword Sisters are a thing back in Warband, so female warriors aren't exactly new to Calradia.
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