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walk around the streets

  1. Walking Around Phycaon Summer 1087

    I've avoided towns in my recent games, RPing a dirty country bumpin. I joined an army as a mercenary and they pulled into Phycaon so I took some time walking around Phycaon since I haven't walked around towns for a long time. This was the first time i walked in a town since 1.59 and I couldn't...
  2. five bucks

    Reasons to explore town scenes.

    Taleworlds has put a lot of work into Bannerlord's town scenes, and they look really good! But there's barely anything interesting to do inside them- just one quest that doesn't trigger often. So an average player spends 1% of their time in settlement scenes. 99% of playtime is in menus, field...
  3. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Thugs are stuck in place during a street fight when fleeing the first fight, then returning and restarting the fight. [Video Demo Included]

    Summary: When picking a street fight with thugs in a town's Backalley, Clearing, Waterfront, etc., then fleeing from the fight to the point that the thugs stop chasing you, they will stay frozen to one spot if you return and attempt to fight them again, making it easy to kill them. Seems to...
  4. Need More Info A random floating sign and torch in Jaculan City streets.

    Floating outside the weavery near the town square. How to Reproduce: Visit the town of Jaculan Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Jaculan Media (Screenshots & Video): See spoiler above. Version: e1.0.3
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