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  1. snuggans

    These 3 perks could be worded better for clarification

    in Leadership tree, the perk Combat Tips states: "+1 to troop tiers when recruiting from same culture" in Charm tree, the perks Firebrand and its counterpart Flexible Ethics state: "+1 to recruitment level from rural notables / urban notables" i dont know about everyone else but i initially...
  2. Lornloth00

    Colored text when facing hostile units on the battle field.

    When the player is facing an ally in Warband there would be green text with a dark background that showed that they are allies or on our side of the battle and the opposite is true for enemies, no green text and dark background. This made it easy to play the game without banners hovering over...
  3. Bakura

    Text color

    Hi team & modders, Wondering whether we've got any ways to specify the color (or even the font size) of a text segment inside the OneToOne conversation scene? Please check below image for example: I do need to highlight some of the text segments so that players can easily grab the key info...
  4. prominb

    In Progress Русский - RU Issue - village need tools - text cut off

    Translation Error: Issue - village need tools - text cut off in the description of the issue Corrected Translation: incorrect - question mark in {?NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} - Correct is {NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} to fix it. Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: In...
  5. five bucks

    In Progress Spelling/Grammar/Consistency/Depth Flaws in Text, with Suggested Fixes/Rewrites/Additions

    Summary: I've seen people complain about spelling or grammar errors, but I haven't seen anyone offer a solution. This is a collection of erroneous or weird-sounding dialogue that I've come across in Bannerlord for Taleworlds to see; along with fixes or suggestions for text that might sound more...
  6. Resolved Wrong text describing the leader of a clan formed through a town rebellion

    Summary: A town has rebelled; this forms a new clan. The leader of the new clan is referred to as the "emperor of the empire". Moreover emperor of the empire is a tautology; one is always emperor of an empire. You could simply refer to as ruler of the empire to avoid that. How to Reproduce: Have...
  7. Resolved Text issue - name of clan does not appear in news

    Summary: When releasing noble prisoners, error in text sentence. Name of clan which releases noble prisoners does not appear in encyclopedia entry of character released (or encyclopedia entry of his clan), in the text : [noble name] has been ransomed from the [string absent]. How to Reproduce...
  8. Resolved Bad wording

    Summary: Text correction, terrible wording, wanderer talking about himself ( Choric of the Hills) "We expect the lord not to expect us to behave like some serf in a safe southern estate." We expect.. to expect : That's terrible writing. How to Reproduce: Talk to Choric of the Hills. Have you...
  9. Need More Info Blurry text..

    Hi! I have problem with text... In map, in fight same... Tried on steam and on xbox app, same
  10. Increase text sharpness

    Text is kinda blurred, I wonder if you can investigate this, if it can be somehow be improved. There is this mod that does just that, maybe a similar approach. https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2676
  11. Resolved Cows! COWS! COOWWWWS!

    All of the grain villages now say they produce Cows, but they still produce grain on the trade screen.
  12. scarface52

    Resolved String Error for "Enable Tutorial"

    Summary: Hovering over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options reveals an error message. How to Reproduce: Hover over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  13. vikingfun

    Battle Text in the top right of the screen is too small and it dissapears so quickly

    When I am fighting, I cant never see who did i just kill because the text on the top right of the screen is so small and it dissapears so quickly. I want to be able to see if I killed their lord leader or whoever I was fighting. It is very frustrating not being able to see if I was the one that...
  14. We need a better text log

    I know that it is not the best suggestion asking to implement things in bannerlord that were in warband, but we really need a better text log, it is usual (at least for me) that i can't finish to read, or remember what i have just read in the screen. In warband i used to chek the text log to...
  15. GreenLight7

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    I noticed that in game you used word evolution but right is DEVELOPMENT. Evolution is a theory that is dumb itself and have false base,on the sand constructed.if Someone wants to prove that God is not exist,he must first 1.Prove that God not try man by showing him not right provement. in second...
  16. In Progress No string sanitation on steam usernames for multiplayer chat

    Summary: When using a username with angle brackets, the chat window will print some of the XML/HTML code and will break because the username string is not sanitized. The chat window will fail to display the message properly and communication breaks down. How to Reproduce: Change your steam...
  17. Circle314

    Resolved [1.0.8] Wrapped text in dialog box exceeds cell height

    Sometimes the text in an on-hover dialog box wraps over two lines, exceeding the cell height, which then obscures other text:
  18. Resolved Bug: Gear Color Comparison Missing.

    Summary / Reproduction: Very soon into a new campaign (it initially works correctly), the color coordination of comparing new gear to currently-equipped gear, breaks. Whenever I hover over new gear, it will show both my current gear and the new gear side-by-side and each of their respective...
  19. Resolved Bug: Missing Starvation Text

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever I am moving around with a joint-army, I make sure to bring loads of food (to keep the cohesion up). I realize sometimes I have to share my food with the other starving soldiers. When I do this it says "you gain [quantity]." I'm assuming there is supposed to be...
  20. DukeDunac

    Resolved Battanian Savage Armor name is battanian_savage_armor

    Summary: This armor's name seems to be its object name How to Reproduce: Go to Battania and look around for Battanian Savage Armor Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): http://prntscr.com/rtrjxs Version: 1.0.5 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Nvidia 1060 6GB...
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