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  1. Spartan3663

    Resolved Unable To Complete Main Quest

    Summary: I went the pro-empire route. I am on the stages "Arazagos' Conspiracy" (which is currently around 1000/2000) and "Unify the Empire". Both of these quests have a negative time limit of "-2147483648". I have had these quests for some time (it is day 1486). Upon capturing a settlement and...
  2. Development suggestion

    Hello everyone! I'd like to share my idea of developing campaign mode in Bannerlord. At first i want to say that i love M&Bs and Bannerlord is a great game and im amazed that devs still listens to us. That's why im writing here my idea of campaing mode. I'll try to write as clear as possible...
  3. Resolved 1.5.6. Bug during story quest "Destroy Raiders"

    The quest is part of the disrupt conspiracy questline during which the player is ordered to hunt 3 bandit groups around one of their settlements before taking on an elite bandit group of 'conspiracy' troops. There were a couple of small bugs I encountered; First was that the bandit groups...
  4. Bunduk

    Give an option to make the Radagos (Character from Sister-Brother story mission) an companion at the end of the mission!

    It would be cool if we could recruit/hire Radagos the character who help us to find our sister and brother! I hope this will be implemented because its not that hard to make it!
  5. andycott

    Suggestion. Leave 2 quests in the main story line - reestablish the clan and create a Kingdom. Remove everything else. Or give us a choice to skip it.

    📜 Suggestion. Leave two quests in the main story line - reestablish the clan and create a Kingdom. Remove everything else. Or give us a choice to skip the story line quests entirely. Too many issues with the main story line quests. 1. TW would have less problems to solve and have more time to...
  6. Hoping for more story soon.

    I dont want to stop playing but I have nothing new to do, wish i could go rescue them kids and meet up with that brother that is on the missing list lol
  7. Main quest at endgame question

    Hey peeps, question to anyone who's progressed relatively far in the game and also triggered the conspiracy. Are you in an eternal war with a unified empire? I'm not sure if it's just this campaign, but the Northern Empire conquered the other 2 (is that Istiana's conspiracy?) and declared...
  8. Unresolved Main Quest Time Limit Bug

    Summary: Main quest ends prematurely, hitting "could not complete in 10 years" mark when it did not say there was a limit. It takes a long while to do this for some playthroughs How to Reproduce: Start game, get to the part where you talk to Istiana and Arzagos after getting the banner pieces...
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