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Hello everyone!

I'd like to share my idea of developing campaign mode in Bannerlord.

At first i want to say that i love M&Bs and Bannerlord is a great game and im amazed that devs still listens to us. That's why im writing here my idea of campaing mode. I'll try to write as clear as possible and i hope for a nice discussion in comments.

Table of content:
1. Assumptions
2. My point of view
3. Suggestions
4. Final notes

1. Assumptions
- Existence of sandbox mode which will look similiar to previous M&Bs starts

2. My point of view
Im gonna briefly explain how campaign looks for me now.
(Early Game)
We start in middle of empire, as no one with nothing, but with a quest to gain power and talk to 10 lords. So at the beginning we do everything to survive looters and bandits. With the group of +-15 we can travel the world serching for banner.
(Mid game)
Next up is the stage of hiring caravan and gaing 2nd lvl of clan, and here problems ocur. We can get up to 50 ppl, but training them on looters is terrible, and joining war is a coin flip aspeciallly because we are way weaker than any npc, and we dont get troops out of thin air. Even if we'll get a fief it'll be at the border so not only we will have to defend it hardly, but also it wont be profitable for us, because of raids. Easiest solistion for me was to attack just captured city and trading peace with that kingdom (its quite cheap, and smithing please).
(Late game)
Later game gets better, when we can stand up against parties of 80 without much loses, we can manage our fiefs etc.

3. Suggestions
And finally my idea of slowing things down. Lets get over each part. Remember those are suggestions for CAMPAIGN/STORY MODE

- Beginning

The story of attack is okey, quest of gaining power is rational, but we should not have access to lords. They shouldnt be willing to speak with us and here where the whole fun starts. We know that they know answers that we want, but we need to find the way to speak with them, and it gonna take a while. We go to the village, and we stay there, more actions in side of the village, walking, talking, crops, fist fights etc. Something should gide us towards city (fe.bandits gonna attack us go and inform, or go sell goods etc.) And here the main body of early game and my 3 main ideas are:
- Guards
The easiest (but not easy) path, with least profits. We help guards with gang attack on trader (or smthing like that), and for that they takes us into their forces. We train fighting, defending and later commanding and tactics. We are at war with gang that is gaing a lot of power in our city and so on... Later we are besieged by enemy army, we are recruted to personal army/guard of lord and thats how we get to the world map.​
- Merchants
In this path we decide to join merchants guild, its gonna be harder but more profitable than guards. We learn to trade, but also to talk and command small parties. Fighting is also important here, but more bows are used. We gain rep with good trades and progress in guild that later can grow/join into trading company thats fighting with another one (fe. Aserais eastern one), but also is so rich that kingdoms in fact serves them. At the beggining we struggle with gangs and bandits, later we join caravan, and once we claim our own workshop we get access to world map​
- Gangs
Hardest, but very profitable. Instead of helping guards you join one of gangs. Roguery, fighting and trading are key. Ambushes on drunk traders, robbery, thievieng etc. Fighting guards and rival gangs, raiding villages, attacking caravans. Firing and helping in rebelionsa, and finally creating bandit kingdom or whole very profitable network. We would get access to world map after getting few ranks in gang​
Summery: We start small, and such should be our possibilities. No access to world map, and global politics. We need someone to help and guide us. We can join new factions (Traders, Gangs) or go more old school (Guards would later look like joining as hired blade) With such early game i think we would get good early character development and lot of action, but within our power range.
- Mid Game
Mid game would be included in paths from city, when we would finally gain access to world map we can go back to doing anything, but also we would have some story behind us,some wealth, rep, gold etc. Also we would have quest from our path (like fire a rebelion in *...*, or make a trade route from *...* to *...*) Here is also a place of banner quest and

- Late Game
After progressing through most of our path or abandoning it and playing whatever we get to the part when we can conquer the world. Build our own kingdom or rebuild empire.

4. Final notes
This idea just came to my mind yesterday and i decided to write it down, im gonna extend it over time. Im hoping for nice discussion in comments!
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