1. Taveren

    Call all wanderers, 'the wanderer" and have a chat to discover more

    I find it bland that you know (via the encyclopaedia or notification in tavern), that the possible companion is a "spice vendor", or "the lucky", "the goat", "horsethief" (immediately put off), etc. Especially once you start knowing what the name implies. It would be a lot more immersive if you...
  2. Resolved 1.5.0. Save list empty

    Summary: Can't load any saves from previous versions or create new ones in 1.5.0. Save list seems empty, even though save folder on my PC has all the saves. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.5.0 Installed community-made modifications: None Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX970 CPU...
  3. Resolved Sieging Problem

    This is the first time this is happened and a complicated issue. I do not know if this happens with Castles but it happened with me in a city. While i was in a siege, Me: around 350, them 560. I wanted to request peace while the siege was still in progress and not in combat mode, when...
  4. Moosicorn2

    Modding an Existing Save Game?

    Vanilla's fun and all but there's already a few mods I'd love to add to improve the games' features. What can I expect if I downloaded some mods onto an existing save game? I'm expecting problems when the game updates, so would I be able to play right after patches?
  5. Moosicorn2

    Hideouts are Aggravating.

    Hideouts are easily one of the most frustrating mechanics on the campaign map. You have a large army, capable of conquering ones larger than it with a line of shields, spears, swords, arrows, crossbows, etc... When you go into a cave or clearing, it's a roulette whether you'll get those...
  6. Need More Info Crash at start up loading screen before the main menu

    Summary: Before i buy this game, i already play crack that work perfectly fine to test out this game is good or not. And then i delete totaly my cracked game After buying this game, i play at it crash at loading screen with horse logo that before the main menu I still haven't play yet after...
  7. Hideout Changes and More War Declaration Information

    Alright, this is to bring to attention the problems with the subjects in the title of this post. First dealing with hideouts, can we make them passable. How are we supposed to clear them out if they are allowed to bring in all of their units and us on 9 men(even if we have 100+ outside). No...
  8. Making money but what do I do?

    Hey, So, I started single player on launch, played around and messed around - decided to start doing the main quest. Before this, I joined a kingdom as a vassal. Left them, had my own castle and just went around to make money. I'm now running 4(or 5) caravans, making bulk money (10-15k a day...
  9. Need More Info Character goes invisible

    There is a bug where my character goes fully invisible. It stays same even if i change from third person to first person mode. When i die character stays invisible but weapon and shield becomes visible.
  10. Grath

    Resolved Issue with influence and fief assignment

    I have fought a siege battle where I solo conquered a town. I could then dispute who the fief goes to with the use of influence points. I selected the cost of 300 points for a 37% chance. I ended up with 100 points spent instead and no matter how many times I load to change the outcome it ends...
  11. Need More Info Game Crashes When I Talk To Thugs

    I'm trying to do the quest where I need to identify the spy. Whenever I talk to any of the thugs, the game crashes. I've tried it in e1.0.1 and e1.0.0.
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