Call all wanderers, 'the wanderer" and have a chat to discover more

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I find it bland that you know (via the encyclopaedia or notification in tavern), that the possible companion is a "spice vendor", or "the lucky", "the goat", "horsethief" (immediately put off), etc.
Especially once you start knowing what the name implies.

It would be a lot more immersive if you just knew they were 'a wanderer', and you had to go have the chat (job interview for potential companion may one day into a vassal) to discover they were in fact THE wanderer, or a horsethief, the goat, a shield maiden, had been exiled, or does not know who their father is, has studies ancient medical texts, or knows a thing or two about platform building.

As it is, once you know what you are looking for (basically the same stat gods you always choose), you ignore the rest. This would increase immersion in a very simple way, and force you to have a bit of interaction to learn their backstory. Also remove the "let's just skip the pleasantries". Why would they want to join you if you were that abrupt and rude?
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