player control

  1. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to marry female members of our family to wandering companions, proven loyal members of our trusted retinue. Making the companion take on a noble function within the clan and allowing us to maintain control of both characters. I would also suggest enabling...
  2. Buttered_Oranges

    New Idea for Clan Party Recruitment Control.

    I think the player should have the choice of controlling the amounts of specific troops they would like their clan parties to recruit. The system would use the custom battle-like sliders to request their party to recruit this amount of this type of troop. You should also be allowed to select...
  3. SP - Battles & Sieges Let us command armies after dying.

    Is it realistic? No, probably not. Though you could have briefed some companions on what orders to give if you were knocked out. So I think it's reasonable enough. Why? Because the AI that takes over is actually fecking retarded. I was slaughtering an army of 600 with 200 units. About 100...
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