New Idea for Clan Party Recruitment Control.

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I think the player should have the choice of controlling the amounts of specific troops they would like their clan parties to recruit.

The system would use the custom battle-like sliders to request their party to recruit this amount of this type of troop. You should also be allowed to select the culture of the unit you would like them to recruit. But both of these should be totally optional.

For example, I set my sister to recruit 80% cavalry and 10% inf/archers. She would recruit t1 recruits, see that they are inf, and attempt to correct it as they level up, upgrading that troop to a specific type to try and meet the balance.

This would give the player more choice over how they want their clan to be run if they so chose, but it wouldn't be shoved down the player's throat and forced.


That would be great, especially if it would let you limit the total amount of troops too.

I've been avoiding clan parties until I can get them into my army because they recruit too many troops which drives the costs right up as they never catch anything they can actually beat.
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