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Is it realistic? No, probably not. Though you could have briefed some companions on what orders to give if you were knocked out. So I think it's reasonable enough.

Why? Because the AI that takes over is actually fecking retarded. I was slaughtering an army of 600 with 200 units. About 100 archers were positioned, spread out behind a good shield wall. I get one shot by a lucky infantry with a spear that I veered too close to on my horse and what does the AI do?
Just fecking asks the archers to put their bows away and charge! Genius. Pure genius.

In the last 30 seconds of a 5 minutes battle the AI effectively managed to get my units wiped out.

So, either let us command our own troops, as we should be able to, or improve the AI to not be an absolute moron.
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