1. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Game uses all 32 gb ram out of nowhere, do you guys wanna cook my pc up?

    Summary:Game uses all my ram out of nowhere then i have to close it via task manager,i have taken a ss when the usage got lowered to 20 gb. I also play it with lowest settings How to Reproduce:Just play the game Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:Tulpar T7 22.1...
  2. Jahn_Lemmon

    Need More Info Low GPU and CPU usage in game

    AMD 5700xt and AMD 3700x, gpu and cpu usage in game are around 40% and 30% respectively. FPS is not capped, getting about ~55fps on high settings 1440p. Decreasing resolution to 1080p yields the same ~55fps with even lower gpu usage. If I decrease resolution scale to 20% I can get buttery smooth...
  3. Ottolexius

    Need More Info FPS drops in Siege and Battles 1.5.6

    I am having heavy fps drops especially when fighting with Battanians and sieging their castles My rig is i7 10700k + 32 gb ram + rtx 2080 ti My fps went down to 13 And every patch is being worst than ever with these issue
  4. Note to Devs

    Hey Devs! I love your game! It is like Kingdom come Deliverance and Total War had a child and this type of game has been my dream foe quite a few years now! That said, I feel spoiled by the daily updates you've been putting out and feel overjoyed when you focus on game performance instead of...

    Game got more stable for any of you guys too?

    after these updates, i noticed that the fps performance is getting a bit more stable for the game that i can at least finally play it now without the lag spikes and such. hope there will be a lot of performance updates still :p some people also said you need a better CPU for the game since its...
  6. Resolved Extreme performance issues and FPS drops after 1 minute of playing

    The first 2 days of having this game was fine as far as I remember (fps wise), but since 2 days ago the game stutters immensely to the point where I can barely do anything in battles. I feel like the spikes start after the first battle I do when I start up the game, and are still continuing on...
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