1. MrTango

    Ally kill/loss different colour notification please

    Please, I want to know at a glance if its my ally losing troops or me. Otherwise I don't know to reposition if I'm in the thick of it. Say: kill/loss PC green/red Ally cyan/orange (purple/orange?) *Or iirc the colour pallet used in warband was good for ally battle notifs.
  2. A notifications/decisions page to view and make decisions outside of the initial notification

    Marriage offers and offers to join factions as a vassal or mercenary are only available during the first notification. If you open a marriage offer and click outside of the popup (maybe to search the wiki), the notification and offer is lost forever. There should to be a page to view and...
  3. Loaf Cat

    Right click to close right-side notifications.

    Just a quality of life improvement. The right-side notifications that appear when you go to war, or voting starts, etc. Clicking the X is fine but it'd be much quicker and more convenient if I could right click the symbols to close the notifications. Already in the game, I'm dumb :P
  4. Noxxys

    Resolved [NOT solved][1.5.4] Notification disappearing every day

    After taking a city with an army that I'm leading, I noticed that the "Vote for the new owner of Myzea" notification disappeared right after appearing. I didn't have time to click on it, and the vote didn't take place, the leader of the kingdom stays the owner of the city. Restarting the game...
  5. iwantyochicken

    Resolved Kingdom Notifications and sidebar notifications not working after 1.5.2 update

    My single player game stopped showing me the pop up messages and right sidebar bubble reminders for votes, sieges, wars, etc. This happened right after the 1.5.2 update. I am not running any mods. The small notifications at the bottom left side are still working.
  6. vth_Musketeer

    Need More Info No longer receiving notifications for any events and my character's party banner no longer shows up

    Summary: Two issues: Issue 1: My banner doesn't show up on the campaign map. So, sometimes when I zoom out I can't really tell which party is mine because it just shows my character on his horse. If I create an Army, there is no army banner with the gold embroidered outline. So, my army is...
  7. Resolved Bug: Excessive Notifications For Prisoner Recruitment

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever I am currently holding prisoners in my party that are capable of being recruited, I consistently and repeatedly get a party notification (the little red exclamation point in the lower left). I always click on it thinking some of my men are ready to upgrade, only...
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