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  1. WB 3D Art can someone explain how to correctly place meshes?

    (i am quite new in regards to modding) I added a new weapon using the mesh "ladle" from NW. As expected when i gave it to a soldier he held the ladle in the wrong place and wrong orientation. i assume i might need to code something. if anyone could briefly explain it to me or even send a youtube...
  2. Alevort

    WB Coding Getting mesh errors when combining two face/ hair mods

    Hello! When i launch a mod i get "incorrect mesh prefix for meta mesh copy: 5 (ref:1)" , and then "Unable to find beard mesh:5" I've just tried to add faces, hairs and beards from another mod and merge with the existent ones of the mod I'm modding (phantasy calradia).... I'm a week with this...
  3. WB 3D Art Help with Meshes

    Greetings! I Need some help with my new Items. So I had an Idea for making a Custom Face Female (Pretty Female) a little bit....Different I replaced her body in skins.txt I added my items in item_kinds1.txt I add .bfs -s in Resources I added them in module.ini But when I see my armor in...
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    In Progress Southern Shawl not working right

    This took me (and the rest of us) way too long to realise, but the southern shawl does not show up correctly in the menu screens at all. You can barely see it from his right shoulder. The whole front half of it is invisible. This is not the case when you are actually moving around on the map...
  5. Resolved battanian warlord bracers are mess

    battanian warlord bracers are rendered incorrectly, if you send an upload link i can upload an image
  6. Resolved Mesh Editor mesh blending on non square scenes

    meshblending work on non square maps? i've got a 14 x 8 tile map and mesh blending doesnt work. when i try on 2x2, 4x4, 7x7, etc meshblending seems to work as intended. if i try any sort of rectangle, 2x6, 3x5, etc the feature doesn't work.
  7. genrev0914

    BL 3D Art Help. I Imported armor but bones are rotated.

    So I'm new to importing meshes and I'm trying to figure it out. I look at the threads related to importing mesh and the steps I did was: -Use TpacTool to export existing game armor, padded_coat_a.dae -Imported it to blender, I only change the mesh name and export into fbx -imported the fbx file...
  8. WB 3D Art Mesh is not found

    Hello, i just downloaded some Ressources and Textures for my Warband Native Mod, i put the ressource to the ressource folder and the texture to the texture folder, i checked how the mesh is called and i set up my new item with the mesh in it. But when i launch the mod the mesh gets not founded...
  9. Ridged iron broad sword glitch

    The ridged iron broad sword has mesh textures from something else pasted on the edge of the sword as you can see, immersion breaking, can't play knowing it's there! lol Unfortunately i download like 8 mods and applied them all at once, only one that could have affected the sword is the Weapon...
  10. DetektivAro

    WB Other Could I...?

    I have 4 meshes representing one body (without a head mesh), I was thinking could I change it to a full-body model whit separate parts of the model having different animations, like the feet having the foot animations, the body having its animations...and so on. If I cant do it like that, could...
  11. Resolved Women eye clipping

    At character creation screen the females eye lids and sockets clip. They don't mesh right. We have to randomize until it eventually fixes
  12. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [Design] [Weapons] The Knives are too big and look unnatural/unrealistic.

    Summary: The Knives are too big and look unnatural/unrealistic. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Equip knives on a Character. Observe. Attachments: Picture 1 Note: N/A Actual Result: The Knives look ridiculous, not realistic and...
  13. Need More Info Khuzait Darkhan meshes exploding

    Khuzait Darkhan is simply a ball of meshes and confusion. Prints: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/600511330734178336/695362142060412979/unknown.png https://external-preview.redd.it/mIKIjlHNK0YdLXaaSULSTpvJVJ38UoJPZjh-ayD8Bis.png?auto=webp&s=9e35cb04a45499c4c652855cd3d78e0747d6a34f...
  14. KoA John

    Need More Info Northern Light Harness not lined up with Battanian Pony

    Not sure if this is the exact correct place to post, but here is a screenshot of the problem https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1023947675459834373/F98CAC492C795A410949A28C5D7C338E46ABD3DB/
  15. Squinting Eyes, and how to "prevent" the squinting of characters.

    For the Developers, especially for the 3D Artists-Team, if you wan't prevent those Characters and NPC's from "squinting" with their Eyes... - All you need to do is change the "Eyeball Size" and Adjust the Eyelids, as a Professional 3D Artist working with 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Unity, DAZ...
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