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  1. In Progress General [1.6.0+] Crafted Weapon Pieces Seem to be using LOD1 by default instead of LOD0

    Hello, it would seem that crafted weapon pieces seem to be using LOD1 by default instead of LOD0. I noticed this in 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, but it is possible this has always been present. Please find pictures here: Mesh, Substance, model viewer LOD0, model viewer LOD1 are present.
  2. Lusitani 5th Empire

    In Progress Tree lod (level of detail)

    Doesn't look too good does it... This issue happens more with this specific type of tree; becomes more evident when in contrast with the sky/ color and luminescence difference. Having more detail just around the tree edges should fix it. In general, lods needs to be polished on all assets...
  3. dijiTurk

    Resolved Level of details

    Hi, i set max graphic settings at game (both mp & sp), but trees look bad even in close distance. I do think there is a problem at LOD system. And, i think it stucked at medium settings, but i want to reach max graphical setting's results. I experience this, and feel bad. Hope you fix it.
  4. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.1] Summer tree LODs in winter scenarios

    Summary: In winter scenarios a summer tree LOD is used. When you get close to those trees, they turn into winter leaveless normal trees. How to Reproduce: Go into any scenario, look at the trees that are far away from you (they should be LODs, not actual 3D models). You'll see them as green...
  5. Edarin

    Resolved LOD'nin Çirkinliği

    Başlıkta demek istediğim şey aslında bu fotoğrafta (https://hizliresim.com/L0O4nZ) çok bariz bir biçimde belli oluyor. Bu olay hafif dağlık, engebeli arazilerde çok göze batmasa da bunun gibi düz meydanlarda, ovalarda göze ziyadesiyle çok batmakta.
  6. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [VFX] [LOD] [Level Design] Weird VFX/LOD in the Desert Hidout.

    Summary: The Desert Hideout is having some kind of LoD or VFX that is not realistic. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Version: 1.0.8 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go to the Desert Area. Find an Hideout. Explore the hideout. Attachments: Video 1 Note: N/A...
  7. Resolved Textures/Grass LOD

    Hello Tale Worlds, - First thank you for all the hard work you've been doing..and thank you for finally let us play Bannerlord before we die of old age :grin:. - Now the issue in short is about textures/grass LOD, I know you guys did that to optimize the game as much as possible. - But that...
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