1. Resolved Unable to play multiplayer - disconnected from lobby every time

    Summary: Recently I haven't been able to play multiplayer at all. I'm able to get into the lobby, but every time I try to join a server I get "please wait" for 20-30 seconds before a message saying "disconnected from lobby". I've checked my firewall settings, made sure my internet was working...
  2. Fixer

    Resolved Lobby Custom server list servername too long

    Summary: Sometimes the servername is too long in the lobby's custom server list option How to Reproduce: check the max servername length, create a server with a name like on the top row of the attachment Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. Need More Info Lag in the lobby selections and regular disconnects

    Had our cap league match today and spent about 1.5 hours prior to it trying just to get into a game to play just 1 random match before we went in and I was crashing in the lobby constantly. We ended up working out that if I was made group leader immediately after joining and logging into lobby...
  4. Namakan

    [Mini-Mod] Smaller Friendslist

    Hi. I got a bit fed up with the friendslist in the lobby recently as I have about 70 friends ingame at all times I play, so it can get a bit tedious to actually find who you're wanting to invite to your lobby. I've edited the related XML file to make the individual entries smaller. Before you...
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