1. Unresolved Recent Nvidia Driver Update causes stuttering and memory leak.

    With the recent Nvidia Driver Update "496.49" the game becomes unplayable after couple of minutes. It starts with the mouse cursor by flickering and the game fps is dropping from my 141fps to 50fps then back to 141fps and in the next moment its going down again. I had once this issue some months...
  2. uravnobeshen

    Unresolved Extreme stuttering on world map

    Hello everyone. I have a major problem that doesn't let me play Warband anymore. I have been trying to play it for months now, but I can't. I remember playing it on potato PC and it had no problem running it. So, this problem is on every mod I play on some it’s a bit less, on some it’s more but...
  3. Alphα

    1.6.0 Experiencing latencies

    After a lot of patches and updates I started a brand new campaign to see the current state and progress made on the game. I'm using the 1.6.0 version. I'm experiencing more latencies and loadings that in the past. My game is verry laggy in general and kinda ruins my global playing experience...
  4. Dyktator

    Need More Info Horse animations causes performance issues

    Summary: The stability drop is terrible for me. In 2019 (alpha) i was able to play with everything set on 'very high' and I didn't have any problems. Now I have stable internet connection (with stable and good FPS), but I struggle playing with everything set on 'very low'. Latests patches makes...
  5. Roberto_Italiano

    In Progress Horse lagging when bumping

    Hey, On a start I will say that I searched for a threads like this, found only from 2010 which remained unsolved. As in the subject, not always, but often horse lags when I try to bump and maneuver it. It is very annoying. I wanted to ask if anyone found a solution to it, or if devs would look...
  6. Red_Moth

    Resolved Production problem

    After the last update, I got very strong friezes, at first the game works well for the first few minutes, but then the freezes start because of which it is not possible to play, at first I thought that the problem was in the graphics, I made it to the minimum, but the friezes remained (less than...
  7. Ato1963

    Need More Info Anlık FPS düşüşleri

    Selam arkadaşlar, Campaign modunda düşman sayısı farketmeksizin düşmanlara yaklaştığım ve savaşmaya başladığım zaman oyunda ani fps düşüşleri meydana geliyor fakat özel savaş modunda 200vs200 savaş açsam bile sıkıntı olmuyor. Bu sorunun sadece bende olmadığını biliyorum ve umarım yakında...
  8. Ato1963

    Need More Info Sudden fps drops

    Hey, In the campaign mode when i approach to the enemies my fps drops suddenly and it doesn't matter how many enemies i fight with but custom battle mode there is no problem even 200vs200 wars. I know I'm not the only one experienced this problem. I hope they can fix it soon. Is it possible to...
  9. ClaymoreZ

    Resolved Number of corpses

    Number of corpses in settings set "none" but actually corpses there are many. On my not very good pc frame rate is fall vrom ~70 to ~40 and lower. help
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