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  1. Need More Info [MEGA GLITCH] Usurpation and executions

    You can chase an arbitrary non-enemy lord (including the king) in the sandbox with deaths, attacking units of looters for a joint battle and after end shoot his head, with a certain probability he will die. If you are not lucky, then you need to wait until it restores 20% and repeat. We get a...
  2. Sgtskywalk

    Form an Empire

    I do not know if it is currently an already established direction for the main-quest, but the ability to form an Empire with other Kingdoms would add some depth to the game-play and create many possibilities for future mods. Necessary requirements to form an Empire will of course need to be...
  3. Client Kings or viceroy

    Hello, I was wondering how nice that would be instead of destroying the faction by capturing every piece of settlements the player or anyother AI King/Emperor. On the diplomacy screen could suggest that the defeatead faction become their vassals? Of course the faction would still be existing...
  4. Relationship ?

    What are the relationship conditions between you and lords and kings? Every new game i have bad relationship with my king. WHY my relationship decrease ???????
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