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I do not know if it is currently an already established direction for the main-quest, but the ability to form an Empire with other Kingdoms would add some depth to the game-play and create many possibilities for future mods.

Necessary requirements to form an Empire will of course need to be met. One Kingdom within the Empire will have its leader become Emperor and rule over all the other Kingdoms that are part of that Empire, similar to the way one clan's leader becomes King and rules over all the other clans within his Kingdom. The management of the Empire will be similar to the management of a Kingdom, with its own appropriate tab on the UI showing its sworn Kingdoms, fiefs, policies, armies, and diplomatic relations with neighboring Kingdoms/Empires. Kingdoms that are part of an Empire remain as they were, but their leaders are all sworn to the Emperor and serve as his vassals. Empire policies offer better advantages to the Kingdoms, giving purpose in creating an Empire. Kingdoms within an Empire cannot raise armies under their own banner, but only under the Empire's banner (unless certain conditions are met, see below).

Kingdoms within an Empire can be at war with each other, and that war can be settled by the Emperor. Kingdoms within the Empire can rebel against their Emperor for different reasons (seize control of the Empire for example, or demand independence), and the rest of the Kingdoms within the Empire will be given a choice to either join the rebellion or join the Emperor. When the Empire is in a state of civil war, Kingdoms within that Empire can either raise their own armies if they oppose the Emperor, or join the Empire's armies if supporting the Emperor. Such wars and rebellions of course will be rare, and could be determined based on relation and influence checks.

The mechanics still need some figuring out in order to make this as easy to implement as possible. Please feel free to add on this idea and give your thoughts!
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I would like to see when you make a empire that you get some loyal nobles to follow you right now I build my relationship with nobles recruit them and not long after they leave it is so hart to keep them or an I doing something wrong.
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