graphic bug

  1. Need More Info Beard and Mustache Visible in 1st Person View

    Summary: While in battle in 1st person view my beard and mustache floats in front of my face. Goes away after switching to 3rd person and back to 1st person view. How to Reproduce: Go into battle while in 1st person view. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): NA Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. Need More Info Graphical cloth bug

    It's not game breaking, but very annoying. Summary: Graphics bug on some soldiers How to Reproduce: Participate in a battle Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Lochana castle Media (Screenshots & Video): See above Version: 1.0.5 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Radeon RX 580 8GB CPU: Ryzen 5...
  3. Resolved SOLVED Huge graphics artifacts on the ballista; sieges unplayable

    Summary: Ballista creates massive, spastic graphics artifacts that obstruct the player's view (when trying to use the ballista, and when just looking towards the ballista from any point on the map). I have tried a variety of performance settings, and restarted the game in-between attempts. No...
  4. rhiever

    Need More Info Graphical glitch on the campaign map where certain areas are pixelated gray

    Summary: Graphical glitch on the campaign map where certain areas are pixelated gray. The pixels are constantly moving, so it could be an animation issue. See Media section for an example screenshot. How to Reproduce: Install Windows 10 on a Mac Pro (late 2013) via Boot Camp. Install Bannerlord...
  5. Need More Info Partial black screen during fighting.

    Happens during fights. I have encountered this both during arena fights and random encounters on the map. Version RTX 2080 I7 6700k 16GB Windows 10
  6. Need More Info Game laggy?

    My pc specs are gpu: GeForce 2060 RTX Super cpu: i7-7700k ssd I literally can’t play the game, it’s super laggy even on very low graphics (which it shouldn’t be on). My GeForce driver tells me I should be able to play it on very high no problems. But yet this game is so damn laggy it’s...
  7. Need More Info My character is a graphic bush

    When i load my saved singleplayer game often my character is changed to weird graphic bush. pictures here
  8. Funkmachine

    Need More Info Black Screen during battle with looters right after loading

    Summary: Black Screen during battle with looters right after loading, only happened once do far How to Reproduce: Fight looters after load in green field. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version...
  9. Trexxor

    Need More Info Weird Graphics glitch on Companion Soeres the Healer

    it only seems to happen when wearing the Northern Sloven Leather and wearing something in the Glove slot picture without gloves then with gloves. different gloves had the same affect.
  10. Need More Info Vlandrian game missing colors on pawns

    City Pravend, the table-game in the tavern misses colors on pawns.
  11. Need More Info Missing object in Rovalt

    City Rovalt, some object are missing and some are floating in air. In my case: torch and pottery shop signboard. I can freely walk under the torch and signboard, there is no object that supports them, but is not visible.
  12. Need More Info Northern half of map glitching out

    When I move the camera towards the north side of the map the screen starts doing this weird thing with dark triangles and I can no longer see the map. The city names still appear through it and sometimes a small triangle of the map shows. When I zoom out very far everything is fine again. It...
  13. ItsNick

    Need More Info Banner editor, wrong symbol than what is selected.

    As you can see on the right I have this lion symbol selected, but on the banner, the horse head is shown.
  14. ItsNick

    Need More Info Strange shadows in Sargot.

    I found a strange graphical bug with the shadows as I was walking around Sargot, near the brewer.
  15. Need More Info Black Squares over Troops

    Bug Description: Black squares suddenly appeared and then persisted over all troops in a town battle against deserters How To Reproduce The Bug: *Only seen once, reproduction not confirmed* Accept a deserter extortion mission and wait for deserters to arrive. In battle with deserters, attempt...
  16. Need More Info Texture bug

    While i was on the tavern district in Lycaron, there was a texture bugged on the ground as you can see in the screenshot.
  17. Need More Info After latest update, i cant see my character

    İ started new save after update and i cant see my character and thats so annoying. And also in inventory images of things disappered too.
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