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  1. Sid-S

    Visual Graphical Bug/Glitch with certain armor/troop

    Hey I'm having a very weird graphical glitch with certain troop where if the come into the screen the screen turn black with weird visuals. It also happens with an armor I found (check picture) that seems to be coming from the "Eastern Brass Lamellar Over Mail". Also the troops that weird...
  2. DanteStorm

    Resolved Graphic bug after e1.2.0

    After patch 1.2.0, a graphic bug appears on the world map two minutes after the start of the game. Anyone have it like that? There were no problems before.
  3. Nabo0n

    Need More Info Graphic issue.

    Summary: Just searching some bugs and map glitches :) How to Reproduce: Take a walk on the street Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Myzea scene Media (Screenshots & Video): Version x Installed community-made modifications...
  4. Need More Info Rare Graphicbug in Battlestage Singleplayer

    It happens to me maybe all 100 battles or so. It alltimes triggers only with the first action i do means getting hit by something or i hit something i one time even had it during a tournament 1v1. It never ever happen in the mid of a battle its alltimes the first action. And cuz its so rare i...
  5. Resolved NPC model Graphical glitch

    Summary: Battanian Lord Siaramus is rendering incorrectly How to Reproduce: I never encountered this bug until, playing a female character, I married the Battanian Lord Siaramus. Ever since that time, his portrait is not rendering correctly in menus. He's become a mishmash of disconnected...
  6. Dopppler

    Need More Info Northern Light Harness BUG ISSUE

    It displays badly and the armor does not match the horse. link to my google drive with photos e1.1.1 My specs: GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Strix OC 6GB CPU: Intel i5 6400 3.3GHz with turbo boost 2.0 MBOARD: MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK CASE: SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T Pure Black RAM: HyperX Predator DDR4...
  7. Cranky

    Need More Info Report 18.04 / upd. 19.04

    Game build 1.2.0 ( Issue #1 Vlandian board game graphics bug. Issue #2 Message "Empire has been destroyed" each time loading save game after actually defeating the Empire . Issue #3 Ai when using siege tower prefer mainly central ladder, also command "follow me" does not make...
  8. Resolved Siege UI Disappears After Engaging in Dialogue with NPC Lord

    Summary: Sieging Tubilis Castle, although it's happened with other locations, and an enemy army came up to attack me. I spoke to the leader and went through the prompts to convince him his liege is not worthy and was successful. When returning to the map screen, I am not prompted to continue the...
  9. Need More Info Graphical Glitch in Battle if Character Detail is set on anything but Very Low

    When I am in a battle there is a graphical glitch if my character detail is on anything but very low. A big cluster of polygons is created around my character. He kind of looks like a low res walking bush.... Anyone else have this happen to them?
  10. RiozNewbie

    Resolved Bannerlord Graphical/Texture BUG - LINES

    Hello all, so since launch day I had texture issue. (see link to my steam screenshot) I have a Vega 56 GPU and before anyone says turn down graphic settings, run window mode, vsync, etc I have already tried all this. this issue...
  11. Need More Info Purple coloring on armor models

    Summary: There is a purple color texture added to armor in the (Inventory option) for my follower #1 and my follower #2 who are wearing (Northern Padded Gambeson) & (Military Tunic). We're in Ortesia (west empire) and I purchased new clothing and equipped my 2-followers in thiese armors. I...
  12. Graphic bug

    Hi, I got this graphic bug:
  13. Need More Info Desert Bandit Hideout graphical bugs

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Locate a bandit camp in the desert, and attack at nightfall. Walk around the map, and bad textures everywhere. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): and Version: e1.0.8 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Professional GPU: EVGA (NVIDIA)...
  14. Need More Info "Black hole" since 1.05

    Version: since 1.05 Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: GTX 1070 CPU: i5 9600k RAM: 16G Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 M Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD It happens during battles in the campaign when i look at any character. + Sometimes shadows in cities blink since 1.06 but i don't have any image
  15. Particles, shader bug in multiplayer

    When I trying to play multiplayer, i have to set my shaders settings low in order to not get this weird black terrain. Also there are also coloured particles around players. popping almost randomly. Singleplayer is perfectly alright and beta was working fine. I have this issue from launch of...
  16. Need More Info Smithy graphic issue

    So the Southern Ornamental Pommel in smithy menu has a see-through effect that turns the nearest surface that's facing camera invisible where you can see the opposite side...almost like looking into a bowl that should be a ball. Not sure if this happens with other parts but didn't notice on...
  17. Resolved Arrows became giant when shot into wooden balcony.

    Arrows shot into this balcony became gigantic upon impact when in multiplayer siege. Version e1.0.6 Windows 10 GTX 1080 i5-7600k HDD
  18. Need More Info Family feud problems + BaghChal

    Hello wonderfull people, I love the game, and i love how it looks, how it plays and all. (hope you checked the spiffing britt with his exploid) So, i had the family feud quest and all characters (including me) transformed into black boxes (size depending on sprite (lance was much bigger than...
  19. Resolved Black Boxes

    Screenshot of the Bug All Models in my first Fight (new Campaign) are replaced by Black Boxes.
  20. In Progress Visible black borders on vertices for geometry, most noticable on campagin map.

    I have an annoying graphical bug where there are black outlines at the seams of geometry, most noticable on the map as big squares, then on characters, and then not so visible in towns and on the ground. My account is new I'll post pictures when i get more privleges. My PC is: Windows 10 pro...
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