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  1. Battle Recording and Review System

    I would really love to see a feature where you can record battle replays (for me specifically in single player) and be able to watch them in a spectator like mode afterward. That means being able to free roam the battleground, lock on to any soldier/character, change replay speed, etc in a way...
  2. Sarranid_Guard

    Get something out one mod and add it to another mod

    For example: if there is a rifle in a mod and I want to pass that rifle to another mod. how do i do it? I only know that it is more difficult than editing warband textures
  3. Extra menu options for debugging and testing?

    It's been a while since I modded or even played Warband, but the last time I did, I recall somehow activating a sort of extended debugging mode, so to speak. The context menu on the worldmap included options to attach parties to your own, including towns and bandit camps, an options to instantly...
  4. Butter_Lord

    Is there an edit mode like in Warband to change NPC faces?

    I love the new graphics but some people who i have to interact with in the game a lot have gotten the wrong side of the asymmetric slider. I feel like this one setting goes way to wild for NPCs and so many people look straight up inbred with the right side of their face a good 3 inches higher...
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