Is there an edit mode like in Warband to change NPC faces?

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I love the new graphics but some people who i have to interact with in the game a lot have gotten the wrong side of the asymmetric slider. I feel like this one setting goes way to wild for NPCs and so many people look straight up inbred with the right side of their face a good 3 inches higher than the left side. Or as a recommendation turn down they asymetric parts for NPCs so Sloth doesn't steal my BabyRuths.


I don't really know with town npcs, but I found a way to change lords' and nobles' faces. Go to Modules->Sandbox>Lords. Ctrl + F the name of the lord you want to edit, there is a bit that looks like
<BodyProperties version="4" age="21" weight="0.5" build="0.6" key="00004C0A007C2185673A781677C72254C27A7A57457663859D7DBC7789A4815601E976130E897A050000000000000000000000000000000000000000007C7104" />

Create a character either in multiplayer or campaign character creation, Ctrl+C to copy the character while in character creation. Now, if you want to change a lord's face with the character's that you've created, copy the "key" part (only numbers an letter, looks like this but long: 00004C0A007C2185673A781677C72254C27A7A5745766)

Delete the lord's face key and paste the one you made instead. You can figure it out. You need to start a new game for it to apply though.
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