1. Xaerdys

    [Suggestion] Split up Disciplinarian Perk

    The Disciplinarion Perk is good. In fact it's so good,the author of bannerlordperks.com (Who was that again?) urges you to get this perk. Thats because Tier 4 bandits can be converted to the noble line of their respective cultures troops. Which is good, and, I guess, the reason, why you get...
  2. Resolved Two bugs: recruiting prisoners + garrisons training bandits.

    Bug 1 (Recruiting prisoners): Holding the CTRL key and clicking "recruit prisoner" correctly recruits all available prisoners, but the "ready to recruit" counter only increments by -1. This means we can CTRL and click again to recruit another batch of prisoners when we should not be able to...
  3. Rhyuus

    Disciplinarian perk too late?

    I think the disciplinarian perk should be one of the first in the leadership skill tree, or even in another skill tree (eg. roguery) because: Leadership is hard to level at the beginning, but it's the first few days where you are actively hunting looters/bandits and eventually recruit them. At...
  4. BL Coding How does the Disciplinarian Perk works and how to mod it?

    I want to change bandit units to upgrade into mercs instead of faction nobles, and also add a T6 merc tier that can only be accessed through the Disciplinarian Perk either by upgrading bandits or T5 mercs. I do not see any tags in the xmls that interact with the perk.
  5. MinhTien

    Bandits should not upgrade to Noble troops, and Battanian troop tree needs a revamp

    As it stands, with the change to make bandits surrender more often, it is ridiculously easy to get Noble troops with Disciplinarian perk, why would anyone pick +5 Security when waiting over that? Earlier today, I caught up to 2 big groups of forest bandits and instantly gained 58 Fian-line...
  6. ̑͏🅠

    Unresolved Disciplinarian and some perks not working, and why.

    In TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.DefaultPerks.InitializePerks... LeadershipDisciplinarian.Initialize( "{=ER3ieXOb}Disciplinarian", "{=2feqprAv}You are able to revert bandits into regular troops .", DefaultSkills.Leadership, this.GetTierCost(5), this.LeadershipDispenserOfJustice...
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