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clan role

  1. Lornloth00

    Companions are incharge of upgrading units. Automated upgrades for units.

    How about companions can be a clan role that upgrades a certain number of units to a specific tier so that the player doesn't have to? Their could be a clan role for companions like 'unit commander' or 'master trainer' with a dialogue that sets up an order of 50 Imperial legionaries and 50...
  2. Emonium

    Tons of suggestion + feedbacks for Skills & Clan role Mechanics

    I have gathered a lot of suggestion along my play-trough. I have made identical post on steam forum but I would like to share it here since this is the only place that the dev would read Firstly this is my thought of skill gain Levels too fast >Steward >Medic >Smithing Okay Ratio but maybe...
  3. kreamy

    Clan Roles -> Selecting one Kicks another one (make drop down, or otherwis)

    Got screwed in game, changed a companion clan role, and it removed all the other clan roles that were assigned (IE if some1 is surgeon, and u are assigning a quartermaster, and you pass through the surgeon to assign quartermaster, the surgeon is UNASSIGNED). I am not goign to talk to ppl...
  4. Need More Info Weird clan role assignment

    When I assign a role to a clan member then select myself and browse through the roles, the role gets unassigned. This feels like a bug or is it just me? Are others facing weird results when assigning clan roles to members?
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