[Suggestion] Fixing Clan Member Encyclopedia Details

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When you start a new game (in either sandbox or campaign), the encyclopedia entries for your clan members are nonsensical. This breaks role-playing and forces players to overlook aspects of an otherwise informational resource. I've listed some prominent issues below:
  • Your clan members have autogenerated activity logs that don't make sense. Some examples are as follows:
    • [Sandbox] I spawn in Danaustica, but according to the encyclopedia, I last saw my dead parents in Lageta that same day (halfway across the map)
    • [Campaign] I last saw my siblings the day I spawn in the campaign tutorial according to the encyclopedia, despite them being missing for at least three days in-game (according to in-game dialogue).
  • Your clan members (parents' and siblings') have assigned home cities in the encyclopedia that often don't make sense. Some examples are as follows:
    • [Sandbox] My Khuzait tribesman parents were said to have lived in Dungaglys before they died (half way across the map)
    • [Sandbox] My parents were Vlandian foresters, but were said to have lived in Sargot before they died (no option to have villages for default homes)
  • [Sandbox] Your parents' encyclopedia entries always say that they "died when raider's attacked the inn they were staying at." This undermines roleplaying for sandbox mode, where such an event never happened.
Some suggestions on how to fix these issues:
  • Simplify the biographies of character parents (simply remove "died when raider's attacked inn" line) to allow for better immersion. This allows the player to fill in the details themselves.
  • Remove activity logs for deceased NPCs.
  • Either (a) remove mention of you and your clan members' assigned home in the encyclopedia, (b) allow player to choose this in customization screen, (c) make homes consistent with the culture (EX: Have Khuzait parents be from Makeb, not Dungaglys), and/or (d) add villages to the home options in the encyclopedia (EX: if I choose a Vlandian forester background in the character creation section, have them be from Etirburg in their encyclopedia entry, not Sargot). Alternatively, some minor characters in the encyclopedia already have entries listing their assigned homes as "near *Insert Name* Castle". This shows the capability for non-city assigned homes is already in-game and can be expanded to clan members in accordance with player background.
These don't seem like they'd be difficult changes (most are text based, after all), so I hope TaleWorlds will consider fixing the encyclopedia.
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