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  1. Need More Info Jawwal Camel Cards Messed up

    Both the Troop card and troop tree cards for camel troops are messed up. See attached images. Cards (Notice the warped camels) Troop Tree (Notice the 3 bits of brown color lol)
  2. Apocal

    Can we get some actual camel armor in this game?

    It's a little annoying that you can't drape Hunsphree in a severe amount of mail and lamellar, then ride him like a tank. But more seriously, the Jawwals and T4 Ghulam all really suffer from the lack of armor on their mounts, on top of their larger profile and reduced speed. Camels can carry a...
  3. Need More Info BUG: Camel saddle going crazy and forest bandits troops are babies

    As the title says, the is something very wrong with the graphical apart about camel saddle of the ghulams, it's a rare and bad bug that often causes crashes, each of their saddles elongated constantly arround the battle scene in any direction very fast. The second bug is that every troop in the...
  4. Resolved Camel Riders Issue

    Camel riders are glitching both in the party menu and in battles. The typical model stretching that has already been reported several times. OS:Win 10 Pro X64 CPU: Ryzen 2700 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB (Overclocked) RAM:16GB
  5. F4z0R

    Troop Trees / Units

    -Camels/ elephants additionally to horses for southern factions (Aserai, Southern Empire...) -Creating a custom troop tree for the kingdom created by the player (limited by gold for high tier troops to not make them overpowered) -The option to create a prisoner/slave army and let them fight for...
  6. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    Camel Memes

    Hehe. 🐴
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