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  1. Colonel Sharpe

    MP Native Persistent Empires

    Can't wait for this! Thanks so much for your hard work.
  2. Colonel Sharpe

    Sword & Musket - Voice Actors Application

    Are applications still open?
  3. Colonel Sharpe

    In Progress OC servers are not all there -again-

    Please understand this TaleWorlds.... The OCE community is significantly smaller than our EU/NA counter parts. When new players login and see no servers available for use, they logout of multiplayer and likely never come back. We need all the help we can to build our player base and you're making it incredibly difficult by persisting with this issue which is very easy to fix.
  4. Colonel Sharpe

    Multiplayer's future and server population.

    Couldn't agree more. Do the Devs ever check these forums? Surely, if they did, they would see how many people are crying out for some love for MP. It's devastating. I played NW for 6 years religiously, I've got almost 4000 hrs in that game. It's committed online community kept it alive far longer than much bigger, much more expensive games.

    Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to build and nurture a similar community in Bannerlord because no one can play the damn game without it crashing!
  5. Colonel Sharpe

    Need More Info Pathetic server performance

    If you've played any amount of multiplayer on Bannerlord, then you'll be very familiar with the constant server crashes that occur with some game modes seeming to produce more crashes than others. Siege servers seem to be the worst, once numbers begin to approach anything playable for the game...
  6. Colonel Sharpe

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.


    Ladies and Gentlemen,  the vile Corsican, Napoleon "Old Boney" Bonaparte has gone too long unchecked. Europe is in turmoil and the 95th has sounded the call to arms!!

    Do you find yourself wandering how you'll feed your growing family this winter?

    Do you fancy yourself handy in scrap, or capable of shooting a birds eye in the dark? And if not, are you willing to learn?


    The 95th Regiment of Foot wants you! We are gathering all able bodied men, (yes men, sorry no drummer boys) to take up arms and liberate Europe!


    Formed in 2013 we remain Australia's most active and stable regiment, using a command structure refined over the years. As Australia's largest regiment we ensure all positions have a role, with no empty ranks or titles awarded, "just because".

    The 95th uses a unique structure with the backbone of the regiment been formed with line infantry who train rigorously in melee combat and can stand up against the best.

    The line is complimented by a smaller contingent of riflemen who are pulled from the best shots of the regiment and are notorious for their marksmanship on the field.  They focus on implementing  innovative guerilla tactics designed to cause chaos in the enemy ranks.


    Aged 15 or older
    Resident of Australia/NZ or other Oceanic country
    Have teamspeak 3
    have speakers, (preferable a microphone but not mandatory)
    be willing to learn and give your 100% in all events and training]

    Please direct expressions of interest on steam to:

    95th Colonel Sharpe on steam
  7. Colonel Sharpe

    Looking to start a regiment

    Hi mate, if your regiment didn't kick it off, the Australian 95th Regiment of Foot is recruiting players aged 15+ We've been active since 2013 and are currently the largest in the community.

    My Steam is 95th Colonel Sharpe
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