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  1. Nate884

    Yet another massive post about mod/vanilla ideas

    I like several of your ideas, thanks for sharing.
    It would be great to see more dynamic relations and issues within the kingdom. There are several mods that simulate rebellions and intrigue, so it obviously can be coded in. Would be great to see a degree of that officially in vanilla, and then we could use mods to further tweak as desired.

    I also like the idea of the wounded on the battlefield. There should be a relationship and trait (honor, mercy, cruel, etc) effect on how you choose to handle the aftermath of a battle. I believe in Warband, the official Viking conquest mod and more so in the Brytenwalda mod that it was based off of, they had a simple format of pop up screen to determine how you handled the aftermath of a battle. You could loot them all, give an honorable burial, or sort of in the middle. Could also determine how much of the loot to claim for yourself or share with your men. All of those choices changed your reputation, your honor, troop morale, etc.

    I would like to see more of that in this game as well. Even if just simple pop ups as they did in the past. But a chance to make more fortune and weapons and armor from looting, chance to raise morale, become more feared and intimidating or more respected and honorable.

    I know they're trying to make a new game and not just recycle the old in new graphics, but so many of their mainstays in Warband and the modding community would translate so well into this game. Even if just as placeholders until they reimagine them more as development progresses.
  2. Nate884

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    Troops will still cheer while chasing fleeing enemies... I really wish they would fix that. Seems like such a straight forward thing.
    It's because Bannerlord is set before Lezalit was born... Our armies lack his form of discipline...
  3. Nate884

    The content I would love to see!

    My favorite is always the more historical mods... I was obsessed with Brytenwalda and 1257, played and modded Viking Conquest until Bannerlord came out.
    So I would love to see an official British Isles or Western Europe content again. They made and own all of those assets already. I want some ships and 8-9th century action with the new game engine!
  4. Nate884

    Bannerlord Refunded

    I want to return my car after 200,000 miles for a full refund because I honestly feel that it should fly, and that is definitely the dealership's fault.
  5. Nate884

    SP Dark Ages The Sword And The Axe

    Yeah, I was just thinking recently that it's been awfully quiet on here the last month or so... Don't want anyone thinking nothing's happening.

    That would be awesome if you could assist in further tweaking the town and settlement locations! I am no expert in Scandinavian geography, haha, most of my knowledge of the time period centers around the British Isles... But if you have the time and the desire (it's been an awesome recent hobby for me now), take some time to do some research on Viking Age Scandinavia, if not in a library, try to stay clear of Wikipedia, haha, unless it's to get an idea about something that you then can research and verify further elsewhere, haha

    But there are many good websites and blogs and solid historical information on the time period and some of the major centers of trade of the area, many containing maps. Trick is to verify through some reading as to what was there, and when. Some will overlap the time period of the mod, some are from long after.

    But it's been a very fun and educational research hobby, if you care to join in, that would be awesome! Please feel free to start reading up and maybe collecting some maps online and getting to know them a little. Then when you get a chance to see 5.2, compare what you see with what you know, I'm sure there will be lots of little improvements and adjustments that can be made to make it even better, since his attention is spread between so many different parts of the mod at the same time, and there is no "one map" of the area, due to not as much written records as say, England, had during that time period.

    I will be doing the same as soon as I finish my little project, so as not to hold up the release of this awesome next installment!
  6. Nate884

    (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    Don't worry, your new addition will only make matters worse, I already have ideas for what to do next and I still haven't finished what I started for your 5.2 version, haha

    I guess I know what I will be doing next Wednesday, thank you so much Redleg! I'm actually very happy for the delay for completely selfish reasons. I live in Florida, US and just got my internet back from Hurricane Irma, so if you had released it I would've missed it, and the delay only means more stuff got added, which is a win/win for me.

    Thanks for your hard work and for keeping us posted

  7. Nate884

    (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    Just wanted to say those new texture previews look awesome! Thanks and keep up the great work. I just started trying to learn how to change/combine armor textures because I can't have enough variety, and your models are just off the charts cool. I'm a huge fan of all the leather and padded armor combinations. I've scrolled through all your models in openBRF and they give me so many ideas... Thanks for your work, I thoroughly enjoy your mod.

    Out of curiosity, do you also have more new swords or norman kite shield options upcoming?
  8. Nate884

    (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    The added suspense will make 3.0 that much more amazing to play  :grin:
  9. Nate884

    (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    That's awesome, thanks so much!

    I really like the time period you've chosen. It's a very cool transitional period. I really like your work with some of the armor customizations you've made. Thanks again and please keep up the great work!
  10. Nate884

    (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    Hello! Sorry that I am a new supporter, but I recently discovered and started playing your mod, it is very good. I am however trying not to get to involved as it looks like you have a large update coming soon.

    Where will you be uploading it when the time comes?
  11. Nate884

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Could someone help me with resizing and rescaling armor? I have been trying to bring over some OSP armors originally in Warband over to a personal mod of VC. Using OpenBrf I can use the 'rescale/resize' tool to make these armors match more closely, however, openbrf's rescaling is limited to very basic X,Y,Z and tends to make my armors look 'fat', instead of how VC's models have large upper bodies only.

    Is there a way to export the armor's mesh to another program that offers even just a little more detailed resizing options so I can more closely match the models in VC? Or is there another BRF editor out there with a little more detailed rescaling feature I could use?

    I am a novice modder and do not have any 3D modeling experience, I was just hoping to rescale my armor's even a little bit closer to the scale of VC's items.

    Thank you in advance! I have been searching the forums extensively and cannot find an answer to this. I like VC but feel the faces and armors are too limited and want to add more.
  12. Nate884

    FAQ and Troubleshooting

    Hi, I am fairly new to modding, I have a question I need help with please:

    How do you make custom carry positions for weapons?

    For example: I would like to change where all one handed axes are sheathed in my mod. rather than on the left hip on a 45 degree angle like a sword, I want to place them on the right hip, straight up and down, as if the axe is hanging from a ring on the belt.

    Swords make a little more sense to me because there is a separate 'sheathe' item, but axes only contain the one item in BRF, so I don't know if editing its location will mess it up when it is carried as well or not?

    Could anyone help me with this please?

    I am able to relocate the axe where I want it using the "roto-translate-rescale" option, but I don't know how to make that the new 'sheathed' location or how to ensure it is attached to the skeleton and wont just float in that location while the character is moving.

    I have pictures of what I have done in BRF but I don't know how to post them.

    Thank you so much in advance!
  13. Nate884

    SP Dark Ages The Sword And The Axe

    That is awesome. I feel like a new companion should be in the works, I'm sure EternalPaladin can come up with an awesome story and dialogue to match, haha
  14. Nate884

    SP Dark Ages The Sword And The Axe

    Edgar Allan Poe said:
    Companions were made by EternalPaladin, thank her! Also, as mini update, friend HooTmAn send me files with many village scenes that look great and bug-free, also with new map icons, blood textures, horizon texture and such. Amazing. Also, some time, he will upload a Graphics patch for anyone to use, for the mod. I'm guessing for stronger machines.  :smile:

    Aw man, can't wait. I love that guy, he makes some really good stuff. Really nice guy too, he's helped me a bunch with ideas and encouragement as I'm starting out on my first mod.

    Right now it's just a few exploratory tinkerings with Viking conquest, but what I'd love to do is eventually take that base and drop back about 60-70 years and focus more on the anglo-saxon kingdoms' infighting and the initial norse incursions to the west.

    ... probably waaay more than I could hope to accomplish on my own, but it's fun to think about...
  15. Nate884

    monoolho's Animation Submod [not so BETA anymore]

    Sweet, thanks man. I'm currently working on my VC mini mod, or giant mod, depending on how OCD I get.

    I got permission to use the Blood Eagle submod as a starting point, I just added an obscene amount of items and am now going through the slow and painful process of picking and choosing what stays and what goes, and renaming and pricing items, etc. to achieve a nice balance of cool stuff but not overwhelming

    If all goes well, I'm going to have a nice masochistic mod reminiscent of the original Brytenwaldas where you just want to stab yourself in the eye because its so brutally hard to get established, but so darn rewarding when you finally do. Hopefully I can get freelancer on there though that will help take the edge off the beginning.

    My next up is to devalue all the money, there's several awesome mods that make high quality items expensive and difficult to get as they should be, but they often do so by simply making them hella expensive. There is entirely too much money floating around for that time period if you're not a king. So I'm going to achieve the same thing by just making everything cost less but money harder to come by methinks.

    My goal is to also increase reputation and relationship rewards and lower monetary quest rewards so that more or less the same thing will happen, you just won't be walking around with 100,000 pieces of silver. You'll get discounts buying from that town due to your good relations, instead of tons of money to spend anywhere.

    So these animations will hopefully give me a jumpstart or even a straight pass in the animation department, thank you very much, so I can focus my very limited time on these other tedious processes

  16. Nate884

    Modding VC: basic tutorials and Q&A thread

    ha3481 said:
    Nate884 said:
    How does one 'scale and align' armor from a native OSP to match VC's body types?
    in OpenBRF take the two armor (some of the original VC armor and your..) and assign them the same name..
    they will overlap each other.. so you will see differences..
    using the "Roto-Translate-Rescale" function minimize the difference

    p.s. sorry for my badenglish

    Thank you! I was just playing around with those very features when you replied, I was on the right track, but not quite there... Sorry to ask a little more, this will work, but now that I'm understanding it a little better it raises one more question that might make the rescale that much better:

    Is it possible to actually type in new dimensions manually instead of just rescaling by percentage in "roto-translate-rescale"? for instance, the VC meshes have huge chests but the same size waist, my rescaling of "x" just makes the whole body thicker.

    For example, I can click "get dimensions" that gives me precise dimensions of a mesh. But I can't find a way to manually input them into a target mesh to make it the same dimensions.

    I also see there is a "reskeletonize" feature, but I don't know if I can somehow tell my new meshes to adjust to the VC skeleton instead? I'm just trying to see if there's a more accurate and reliable way to quickly merge native meshes into VC without repeating these steps for every armor and getting it close, but not quite.

    Either way, thank you very much for the quick reply, that is what I was looking for... Now I'm just brainstorming can we actually use BRF to make an exact conversion..?
  17. Nate884

    Modding VC: basic tutorials and Q&A thread

    ha3481 said:
    if you want to add armor from Warband mods then this armor has to scale and align with vanilla VC armor
    Viking Conquest uses another body model

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered but I have been searching through various forums and can't find the answer...

    How does one 'scale and align' armor from a native OSP to match VC's body types?

    I am new to modding so I may have missed this step. I have openbrf and morghs editor as well as the source files. I have added a large amount of new armors in, but they all maintain the original warband body type instead of VC's.

    So I would like to either update my added armor to VC body types, OR revert VC body types back to original native (if that's possible) and just use my armors instead.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. Nate884

    monoolho's Animation Submod [not so BETA anymore]

    Wow man, thanks again. Really.

    I feel you on the whole work and study interfering with recreation thing, ha, I work fulltime, volunteer in the community and am currently learning a new language with homework all week and classes on the weekend. Hence me asking people with experience when possible instead of completely relying on trying to find forum threads alone. You all normally have awesome shortcuts or easier explanation than some general tutorials that can help jump start me.

    I really do appreciate the breakdown, it was pretty clear and I can see what you're saying. Whether or not I will be able to actually do it, we will see. I'm trying to find a balance between making a mod with everything I want in it and not biting off more than I can chew, especially the first time around.

    SO if I'm able to just copy and paste your animations in and then worry about maybe tweaking them a little in the future that would be awesome.

    Thanks again man!

  19. Nate884

    monoolho's Animation Submod [not so BETA anymore]

    Hello! First, thank you for your work, I also stumbled across this not long ago when I decided to get back into 1257. It has really changed the dynamic of the game for me, especially since I also increased the difficulty and opted for manual blocking.... Good times!

    I see your post mentioned you made animations for VC??? I have just started making a personal submod for Viking Conquest and would love to have some new animations for it!

    I was actually planning on trying my hand at putting some of these into it manually, but if you happen to have a file already I would be eternally grateful

    Also, I am new to modding and have not touched animations for this game yet, could you give me a few pointers perhaps? Basically, I want combat to be a little slower and more deliberate, I am working on changing weapon and damage stats to ensure that no one is 'invincible' just because they wear armor, and I want every engagement to be a risk (I hate hack and slash)

    That's why I like many of your animations, they extend the time between swings and blocks, but could you tell me where I should look or what gets edited to control attack speeds with different weapons?

    One last question, sorry, I'm asking a lot, but is your VC animations the same as 1257? Or did you modify them?

    Thanks again!
  20. Nate884

    The Academy, Discussion, Suggestions, Ideas, whatever you like!

    Awesome! Having played your stable 1.4 and even messed around with 1.6 that I found somewhere, I am thoroughly addicted.

    I particularly like the 'feel' that the different combat animations give; they add a lot.

    Seeing what you've done with your latest sword and the axe releases, this mod will no doubt be incredible  when it is released.

    Is there anything we can do to assist you?
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