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    OSP Code Combat Perfectly Smooth, Mouse-Enabled Deathcam V1.4

    Wow that's cool dude, thanks. I'm amazed this OSP is still seeing use after so many years, you guys are awesome.
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    Leaf Bombs

    ah interesting. The damage uses 1h weaponry, though the actual throwing still counts as a thrown weapon, so I suppose if you want more accuracy you need higher throwing skill.
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    Leaf Bombs

    leaf bombs deal a base damage of 25, increasing by 3 for every point of power throw.
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    OSP Code Combat Perfectly Smooth, Mouse-Enabled Deathcam V1.4

    Sorry I don't know why it wouldn't be working for you, make sure you double check everything, perhaps I missed a trigger? I remember there was some kind of bug I found in 1.3 to do with not being able to retreat, there may be others, though the deathcam is working just fine in big mods like...
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    My beginner's guide

    Awesome thanks, I'll have to try this out.
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    Lose relation with lords when i marry a lady the correct way

    I came back for a few weeks(months?) around 0.73 but yeah Perisno could really do with some programmers, the problem is that the codebase has become so massive that it's daunting to anyone not incredibly experienced with warband modding, and the ones who are have either stopped playing or are...
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    Perisno Development Thread | Version: 0.8 | Released >>

    A lack of dedicated coders has always been Perisno's major issue, especially with any kind of relevant skill level. It does get tiring having to carry your own weight while also checking and fixing code from others and it's one of the reasons I ended up choosing to stop working on the mod, even...
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    Version 0.772 Released!

    You need to have your counselor be a hero. I'm getting pretty tired of people always asking about this, so I'll whip something up for 0.751 so this is more obvious. Actually, I'm just going to go ahead and remove this limitation.
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    Who are these banned/muted/warned people? (Discussion thread links in OP)

    Could I ask why Firestorm has been banned? Thanks.
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    But do you really want sorted troops to lose their EXP in exchange for them being... well, sorted? If so, perhaps it would be better to have the player click a button when they want to sort their party, instead of doing it automatically.
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    The bit about only player party stacks having XP is interesting, are you sure? AI parties regularly have a trigger applied to increase their XP, so how do they keep track of it? Sorry I can't answer your question. you'll have to set it up in script_initialize_aristocracy
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Yeah I'm sorry, it seems that all XP is lost when a troop gets sorted (but it shouldn't have any effect if the troops are already in the right order) The sorting code was used in Custom Commander, and I never noticed the issue in my tests. I don't believe there is any fix (in the same way that...
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is there any way to get the amount of XP that a stack has in the party? I want to be able to move stacks around while retaining their XP values.
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    Runtime Error Fix

    Yeah, set everything to lowest and play in a resolution that is smaller than your screen if possible (you can fullscreen if you want to, or play windowed) If it still doesn't work then there's nothing to be done, sorry.
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    They are the brokenly formatted list of things that was there before I re-joined the team and edited the thread. Some of them have been implemented a long time ago, but otherwise I don't think we are doing anything on the list atm. The old list is just for history purposes I suppose, where as...