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  1. how to remove looters rocks

    Weakest troops my arse. Check Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord > Modules > SandBox > ModuleData > bandits.xml their's equipment, fellows. Gambesons and falchions, lol.
  2. wife been in bandit camp for a year

    I would've divorced her after 1 year with bandits, lol.
  3. Some additional reward when killing a lord or a king in battle?

    Ragged pants and tunic are your rewards.
    They can not even balance prices and make adequate loot 1.5 years after release. But I did it in 2 hours myself, lol.
  4. Will TW finish the Perks?

    You know. It took them about a year to fix player leveling progression that every player wanted. There were mods fixing lvling since BL launch
    It took me 3 minutes with mods, lol.
    Frankly I tweaked and balanced almost everything in a day.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Game is dumb AF and empty as drum inside for me. Literally nothing interesting for me there:
    - no diplomacy
    - no kingdom management
    - battles without adequate AI and targeting
    - fckd up sieges without AI and targeting
    - fckd up skill and perks which makes no sense for me
    Yeah, mods helped to play 1.5.9 for a few days but this crap is still the same it was after release. Ill check it again couple years later.
    Cheers, guys.
  6. What Features Do You Want to See?

    You will never see any of what you want.
    You will not even see any of what TW promised, lol.
  7. Companions could use some attention

    4. Fix with mods and enjoy.
    6. Inadequate randomly stupid prices for hiring companions. Some bum with 70/90/80 skills can ask 3800 when another companion with 130/150/120/150/130 will ask 580 gold.
    7. All companions are freaking naked in bathrobes with some trash sword only. Devs are too lazy to diversify their weapons and equipment.
    8. Companions still keep dying in battles!
  8. Looter's throwing stones and insane bow's mysteries are solved

    I never said slingshot. I said sling. There's a difference. And yes, 30+ damage on 60+ body armour is perfectly acceptable to me for a sling considering there is evidence they were able to crack and dent helmets in ancient warfare. There is even evidence of their usage against the conquistadors of Spain by the Mesoamerica people and they describe the velocity of the slingstone as being enough to kill a horse.
    Dude, stop using heavy drugs please. You are not adequate. Really, no offense. I was talking about body armor and you shared your ideas about cracking helmets with sling and stone. Wooden or bronze helmet BIG MAYBE.
    You wanna try to do any damage with your sling on brass lamellar over mail with sling? Do you even have idea what is it? Or brigandine over mail? Or scale vest over gambeson, brigandine over hauberk, heavy scale armor over mail hauberk? I will not even feel your stone wearing any of it, not saying about any damage. So your "30+ damage on 60+ body armour is perfectly acceptable to me" is beyond stupidity. I'm sure 80 piercing penetration on a hunting bow is normal for you as well. Woodland longbow with heavy bodkin-point arrows could SOMETIMES penetrate legs, arms or shoulder armor. Here is some historical facts for you:

    The Alexiad about the Normans of Bohemond during the latter’s campaign in Greece:
    For he knew that the Franks were difficult to wound, or rather, practically invulnerable, because of their breastplates and coats of mail. Therefore he considered shooting at them useless and quite senseless. For the Frankish weapon of defence is this coat of mail, ring plaited into ring,and the iron fabric is such excellent iron that it repels arrows and keeps the wearer's skin unhurt.

    Jean de Joinville, describing an incident with Walter of Chatillon during the Seventh Crusade:
    ..and whilst the Turks were fleeing before him, they (who shoot as well backwards as forwards) would cover him with darts. When he had driven them out of the village, he would pick out the darts that were sticking all over him; and put on his coat-of-arms again... Then, turning round, and seeing that the Turks had come in at the other end of the street, he would charge them again, sword in hand, and drive them out. And this he did about three times in the manner I have described.

    Odo of Deuil writing about King Louis VII in an engagement during the 2nd Crusade:
    The enemy climbed after, in order to capture him, and the more distant rabble shot arrows at him. But by the will of God his armour protected him from the arrows.

    During the 3rd Crusade, Bahā'al-Dīn, Saladin's biographer, wrote that the crusaders infantry there:
    ...drawn up in front of the cavalry, stood firm as a wall, and every foot-soldier wore a vest of thick felt and a coat of mail so dense and strong that our arrows made no impression on them... I saw some with from one to ten arrows sticking in them, and still advancing at their ordinary pace without leaving the ranks

    Galbert of Bruges describing the performance of an exceptional archer called Benkin, during a siege in Flanders in 1127:
    And when he [Benkin] was aiming at the besiegers, his drawing on the bow was identified by everyone because he would either cause grave injury to the unarmored or put to flight those who were armored, whom his shots stupefied and stunned, even if they did not wound

    During the Battle of Nicaea (1097), Albert of Aix wrote:
    Walter the Penniless fell, pierced by seven arrows which had penetrated his coat of mail.

    During the Battle of Acre (1291), William de Beaujeu, Master of the Temple, was accused of cowardice when he retreated from the fighting. He lifted up his arm and replied:
    Seigneurs, I can do no more, for I am dead; see the wound.
    An arrow had pierced him through the mail beneath his armpit—only the fletches were visible

    Gerald of Wales, writing in 1137 about a skirmish between the Welsh and the Normans
    A knight of William de Braose was hit by one (arrow) which went through the skirt of his hauberk, his mail hose, his thigh, and then through the leather and wood of his saddle into his horse; when he swerved round, another arrow pinned him in the same way as the other leg

    So in regards to mail armor, it seemed that in general the answer to the question is MOSTLY NO. Exceptionally powerful arrows striking at good angles might be expected to penetrate from time to time
    And I can see you are a big expert in Spanish conquistadors vs Aztecs battles. Bet you saw somebody killing horse with sling yourself. Yes common horse in a head or temple with big stone probably. Now try to do same with fully armored one.
  9. Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    Ladders and AI are main issues for me.
    My eyes are literally bleeding when I see my entire army running past archers and ballista shooters on walls and running towards only God knows where. Meanwhile enemies are kicking and shooting their arses.
    AI and targeting are totally fckd up even 1.5 years after release. That's why I'm calling BL deadborn baby. Because no chance to resurrect it, lol.
  10. Bannerlord was a grift

    You, guys, must realize and accept the fact that developers got few millions dollars each and swimming on private yachts somewhere around Caribbean's. They don't actually give AF about a game. I would have done the same, lol.
  11. Looter's throwing stones and insane bow's mysteries are solved

    Did you seriously datamine all this to prove throwing rocks are OP when you should know by now those rocks are placeholders for sling animations that aren't implemented? That's dedication. To what, I'm not entirely sure.
    Really? Sorry, I must have forgotten that all this game is just not implemented yet. Anyway I'm still able to make it pretty playable and enjoyable for me. But you can wait for something what maybe will be implemented. Cheers.
    P.S. Yeah, and slingshot damage of 30+ on 60+ body armor I guess logical and acceptable for you.
  12. Looter's throwing stones and insane bow's mysteries are solved

    Ok, guys, here we go. <Item id="throwing_stone" name="{=1CPdu9K0}Stone" is_merchandise="false" body_name="bo_throwing_stone" holster_body_name="bo_axe_short" holster_mesh="stone_holster" holster_mesh_with_weapon="stone_holster"...
  13. Fix everything listed below already FFS!

    Oh, OK. I counted from 1 to 4, got my attribute.

    You can get it up to 100 from only a few sieges, assuming you're knocking down the walls. If you're not bothering with that hassle though, there is no point to even leveling Engineering. The difference is marginal if you're just making a siege camp, compared to adding more dudes.
    Yeah, yeah, if playing at x1000 engineering exp multiplier. Im at x300 now and it took me 30+ sieges to get it up to 100 destroying walls. But I hope that you are aware that destroying walls also destroying your army pretty fast too if enemy castle shooting back, lol?
  14. Fix everything listed below already FFS!

    Apocal has been testing the game since the beginning and knows very well all its mechanics; so Vym, you should be a bit more humble here if you want to receive feedback that addresses your doubts.

    On the other hand, Apocal may know about the game and its intricacies, but combat... that's another matter... Glaive and khuzait haircut and arrows in the back... a real sweaty ass. :iamamoron:

    Damm, ninja'ed ! :lol:
    I'm playing and modding since MB appeared in this world. Modded/tweaked almost all mods for WB also. But I don't think it should make all people on this forum to print my photo, put it on the wall and pray on it before going to sleep, isn't it?
  15. Fix everything listed below already FFS!

    I mean, I've been on that playthrough longer than two or three weeks. Yes, my character is Scout, Quartermaster and Surgeon at the same time. It doesn't affect leveling speed at all. Only Engineer I gave away. Also, no, I didn't do it with a 1x multiplier -- that's the point of dropping focusing points and attributes in there, so you get a boosted multiplier (up to 12x, AFAIK).

    Like, if you really think it takes that long to hit level 37 and max out those skills, it is something your mods have done to your game.

    1. You get focus points (the ones filling the horizontal bars) every level.
    2. Attributes are 1 for every three levels.
    3. You know you can literally see the character level at the top, right?
    Dude, as I told already I have all mods to make me happy (kaos tweaks, better looting, edit lord etc.). And as I told before already I only put x200 multipliers for medicine, engineering, tactics and leadership only and tested them for 10 hours. Global skills multiplier is x3 only coz I want some challenge in little bit more realistic way for me personally than native BL can offer me. So it doesn't mean that "my mods sucks" or "I don't know how to play and level up skills". I can put right now all skills and exp multipliers to x1000 but it doesnt make any sense and challenge for me.
    And yes I tweaked 1 focus and 1 skill point every level too. As well as troops exp, renown, gold and many other things. But once again I tried to made them all just reasonable and realistic for me to keep interest playing game.
    But I thought we were talking about virgin native module without tweaks. So...
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