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    Dejure Craft - Minecraft RP-PVP Factions Server

    What's the Role Play setting/theme?
    There are multiple factions on the server with their own themes / culture / in-game religion. Eg. Dwarves, Undead, Chinese, Japanese etc
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    Dejure Craft - Minecraft RP-PVP Factions Server

    Dejure Craft RP-PVP Factions Server Dejure Craft is an RP-PVP Factions plug-in server with a heavy focus on RP-Faction creation. You and your friends can join today! Create your own faction, claim your land, mark out your borders and defend them from others. You can make allies with diplomacy...
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    Bannerlord Online mod

    Games not even "finished" yet and modders already implementing things that the developers said they couldn't. LOL.
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    the multiplayer in this game is dead and i dont think it will ever take off after the complete shambles of taleworlds handling of the games release.
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    Duel Server Information

    a 30 slot server costs around ~10 euros/month, pretty sure they will open more if they see it is full all the time

    I'm pretty sure they can afford more than just one € 10 server a month lol.
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    Duel Server Information

    You need more than just one duel server with 30 slots but I guess it's a moderating issue as to why there is not more?
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    Skirmish Cav / Archer Spam = Broken and demoralising

    As a long term mount & blade player I have seen lots of different tactics over the years playing the game. I feel in Bannerlord at the moment that in Skirmish that Cavalry and Archer spamming is too powerful and must be addressed. 6 people going heavy cavalry will win the match against anything...
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    Sir Hitson Winsler said:

    I'm sorry, did you say "Praise be to the Moat"? Because you will be.
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)


    So it's been some time since the last post here in this thread - But I'm bumping it to bring attention to any of the old MC'ers from back in the day or any new fellows that fancy joining in. We've set up shop in a new forum and server but still the same community - check it out. Factions PvP as always.

    Forum Link:​

    The Moat Provides.
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    The server is still strong and North Korea is still the top dog. If anyone is interested TW'ers are welcome. The Moat Provides.

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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    Yes we are still very much active.
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    Yes it is. They claimed the area around the shop.
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    Update the map Tib. Also, Rhuuuzzuuuuzzzuuuu.
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    MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    North Korea is set up once again on the server. TW'ers welcome.
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    What be on yer mind?

    Pillock said:
    I don't know precisely when I became a Grammar Nazi, but somewhere along the line I started to love stomping on little pricks with more hormones than words in their vocabulary.

    You seem to live up to your name.
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