Skirmish Cav / Archer Spam = Broken and demoralising

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As a long term mount & blade player I have seen lots of different tactics over the years playing the game. I feel in Bannerlord at the moment that in Skirmish that Cavalry and Archer spamming is too powerful and must be addressed. 6 people going heavy cavalry will win the match against anything if they are in any way somewhat competent and the other team will simply not be able to beat them because of 2 things.

1. Even if the non-cav team all take the appropriate equipment to beat cavalry (i.e spears + throwing weapons) It simply is not that effective at countering the cavalry due to their extremely heavy armour and horse hp.
2. Stabbing a charging horse head first doesn't do the same as in warband which would generally be a flat out horse kill which would mean it would be suicidal for cavalry to charge straight into a pike/spear. But in Bannerlord they can because the horse will rear, but due to the heavy armour and hp it seems once you've stopped a horse you cant kill it in the time its still rearing and can ride off while the rider can still use their weapon.

If the only way to counter 6 x heavy horse cavalry is to also pick 6 x heavy horse on your own team, that just makes me not want to play skirmish if this becomes the meta.

The same with 6 x Archers, if the meta to beat that is 6 x Archers, I do not want to play that either. Archers with heavy armour just as good as heavy infantry, 2 handed weapons and some classes archers with insanely good 2 handed swing speeds what is the point to even go infantry?

Taleworlds needs to look at the balancing in skirmish again because at the moment there just doesn't seem to be a reason to go infantry class. I know I have given this point of view from a personal view but I think I speak for a lot of players who also see this becoming a boring meta to win, no matter what your skill level is. My suggestion would be to add class limits for certain factions, either that or generally downgrade cavalry and archers to a more balanced role where it doesn't completely remove any reason to go infantry in skirmish.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to seeing what other players think about the points I have mentioned.


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Every time I load into Skirmish and pick an infantry class because I want to have a bit of fun I am immediately met with the thundering of hooves as yet another team goes 6 heavy cavalry and couches me from behind as I'm readying a spear for the guy in front. Then I pick heavy cav and go 24-2 or something and it's just like... what's the point of playing infantry for fun if it isn't fun to be run over by cavalry or kited endlessly by archers.

The balance is way off and it's there for everyone to see, so why Taleworlds are not acting on it I have no idea.
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