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Dejure Craft
RP-PVP Factions Server

Dejure Craft is an RP-PVP Factions plug-in server with a heavy focus on RP-Faction creation. You and your friends can join today! Create your own faction, claim your land, mark out your borders and defend them from others. You can make allies with diplomacy or settle problems with war! If you want to join solo, there are already factions open for joining! Come and join in the fun! Join the discord below for more information and rules! You must join the discord to read the server rules before joining!


Server I.P
The server has no pay-to-win features and will never have them. We run multiple plug-ins on the server, these are: Factions, AntiEnchant, Ban Items, Armour Set Bonuses, Drawbridge + Portcullis . We have created what we feel a good balance for PVP on the server with these plug-ins. Check discord channels for more information.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the discord channel and I'm sure someone will be there to help you!

A long time ago, a lot of our players currently on the server actually started from the Taleworlds Minecraft server before joining a new server. Now we're back after years to advertise our own server here again, we've gone full circle :smile:


What with reading the MBMC and the og Mountain Blade server threads today I think I've actually managed to OD on Minecraft nostalgia.
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