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  1. Any way to make javelins not to stick?

    So I just got this quick question: Does anyone know a way to mod the game so that javelins/throwing spears wouldn't stick on the character after the impact? It really bugs me that my character looks like a pin cushion in most battles (being too lazy in my full steel armor to dodge those...
  2. Banner glitch and some noob questions

    Thanks for the reply! I need to see if this works. However, I'm now suffering from another bug. In enlisted my character to a noble's army, but something weird happened during a siege attack. I "retreated" from the battle because all the other troops were killed so I could fight with a fresh...
  3. Banner glitch and some noob questions

    Hi! I think I'm suffering from some kind of a glitch with my character's banner. My character (who started as a noble) served in a lord's army so he wore his colors on the battlefield. After leaving the army his shield still had the other noble's colors and when I re-equipped it, it lost the...
  4. List of Characters in the Game

    Why not just check the in-game character list? They are listed by their title, I think, so you can for example search Norse lords easily. Or then search the faction information - all the lords of the faction are listed in the info.
  5. How to get a great army?

    Hi! I'm really just a beginner with this game myself, but I want to share what I have learnt this far. I think this is much more important in VC than in regular Warband, especially since training troops takes more time. Luckily the shield wall formation (with stand closer x 2) is so effective...
  6. B Dark Ages Viking Conquest - Reworked Environment [RELEASED v1.0]

    I hope this is not a silly question: Does this mod cause any performance loss (are the textures the same size as the original ones)? I love the screenshots and very much would like to download.
  7. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    I also have a question related to this. I have courted Ragnahild of Danmark and have about 60 relation with her. However, her brother is angry because I had been meeting her without his permission, so he won't give me his blessing, even if I pump my relation with him to 100. My character is a...
  8. How to be a successful viking conqueror? Please help!

    1) I know but it's not such a major thing and I thought it relates to my topic so perhaps someone reading this can also answer this question. 2) I feel myself really stupid now but I don't understand how. The text in my menus.txt is totally different than in the one on the tweaks thread. Or do...
  9. How to be a successful viking conqueror? Please help!

    Does anyone know how to tweak the amount of money you can get from raiding a monastery in reforged edition? It seems the tweaks posted by Kalarhan don't work in 2.005. A slightly bigger loot would make looting monasteries a lot more tempting.
  10. Mercenary pay 2.005

    How does this work in reforged edition? I've searched the tweak thread but all the lines and numbers in my menus.txt are different.
  11. Mercenary pay 2.005

    I think getting started as a warrior is a bit too difficult in this game, especially if you choose to serve any of the Norse realms (because they seem so peace loving they hardly wage any war). For a role player like myself it feels wrong (and unrealistic) that a fierce viking raider needs to be...
  12. How to be a successful viking conqueror? Please help!

    I wonder if the toll is leveled somehow, because i've never got anything more than 600 from a 60+ member caravan.
  13. Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    Tweak request: Is there a way to remove relation drop with a lord when you refuse their task? I'm especially thinking of the request to pillage a monastery. I just hate that quest!
  14. How to be a successful viking conqueror? Please help!

    I've also noticed that raiding caravans of enemy faction as a merc is really profitable when you're fighting for a faction that has many enemies (quite often Northubria it seems). The caravans always use more or less the same routes so I just need to park my raiders on a good spot and wait. I...