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    How many battles do you lose?

    I lose plenty early game. Late game not at all, only fighting battles I know I can win, cos you know, why wouldn't you. Also big army battles are too easy to ever lose. Bait their cav flanks into charging at you, mow them down with MG42 archer fire. Bait out their inf, set up archer on left flank to hit inf on unshielded right side. When enemy inf are close enough, combo charge with own inf and cav on flanks. With perfect timing it's an absolute slaughter. Rise repeat. Every battle same tactic. Stupid amounts of $$$ and influence, endless reinforcements. It's a snooze fest out here.
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    Bandit Hideouts and Taverns - is more variety planned?

    Different entry points to each type of Hideout that the game could pick at random might ease the monotony somewhat, spice things up a little. Surely can't be too difficult to add in.
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    How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    I have it installed and play it often (modded) but with a heavy heart, being constantly reminded of what should have been. My enthusiasm hangs by a thread and I feel this next patch for me will be critical.
    There's MP of course, but until dedi servers are a thing I won't touch it.
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    Stop troops from auto raising the ladders

    What's needed is maybe new siege UI elements such as selecting a group and ordering them to operate or use a piece of siege equipment from a list of availables. Ladders would be on that list >>> Select Group 1, select Ladders. Done. The siege could even start with all on default, a simple "cancel all orders" from the player would mean everybody does nothing, until you start issuing orders.

    There is the cogs icon thing, when you point to a usable piece, such as gates or towers, but I find it cumbersome and difficult to do from a safe distance. The area that the cogs icon uses could be expanded to include the actual section of wall where the ladders will be placed, similar to Total War sieges, so you could at least from a safe distance and with greater ease direct your troops to use them.

    Either way no doubt there's room for improvement when it comes to managing your forces during sieges. It's always felt like a first iteration to me and that they will at some point return and rework the entire thing. :meh:
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    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Was a huge fan of Battlefront's early Combat Mission titles, though later releases as they departed from WW2 era and ventured into future conflicts not so much, but I've gotta say their latest addition Combat Mission Cold War has piqued my interest. Available on Steam and planned for release this year.

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    siege towers... please

    This is a large issue, especially for large numbers in sieges.

    Since defenders spawn at the front gate, when they're reassigned to the section they hold, they do everything in their power, even if attackers are already on the streets to get to the compromised ladder position. Defending archer AI is pretty sloppy and inefficient too.

    This is an issue for those AI fleeing back to the Keep as well, where there's currently an exploit to be had. Past a certain point in the siege you can break off and position yourself to intercept a good portion of those fleeing and whack-a-mole all day with zero consequence. This is a slight worry for the upcoming Keep Battles, considering the number of those who make it back to the Keep helps determine how many defenders the player will have to face once the Keep Battle is initiated. Something TWs will somehow need to address. Maybe the multi stage siege thing will solve that, if they still plan on adding it...
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    What about planned DLCs? I'm not up on this so bare with me, but have we considered that one of the reasons for this scrapping of features deemed "too complex" runaway train actually just be TWs prepping to give themselves the opportunity later down the line to cherry pick for multiple DLC drive-bys?

    I mean surely they must have considered it. To take away from the game what they know fans are anchoring after and yes, hold those features to ransom. It's a thing game companies do after all. Perhaps TWs have made that transition and is why they often appear "vague and nonsensical" with their decision making and that at some point in the last 4-5 years they made that call. All just speculation of course, we've nothing to back it up.
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    "Too complicated" to make

    I find it comical that this game is releasing on console and PC on the same day, and yet people can't draw the correlation between simplified features and a console release. It's quite lucid that the market demographic TW is looking at is not interested in deeper features. If they were, they'd be making them, but they are not. When a siege battle is lasting 5-8 minutes, there's 0 diplomacy, no camp menu, no management of villages or towns except another menu tab, that is not strategy, this is mash up arcade little Jimmy x-box fun. This is the game we are getting, and no amount of polite cries will change this. This game sucks, the DEVS who like better depth know it, it's so funny. Short of some miracle knockout features in Quarter 4 2021, I will be moving on from this game and this company.

    Wanna know what the most saddening thing for me is about the sorry state of the game right now - it's constantly hearing community members come up with great ideas about features and solutions to help TWs remedy the ever increasing void of emptiness eating into the game, only to instantly realise that at such a low point in development none of those ideas will likely see the light of day. Speaking outside of the modding community of course.
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    Prison breaks are AWFUL

    Part of the fun in Warband prison breaks was fleeing through the town/castle. I mean, it's not like enough reasons exist already to visit these scenes in Bannerlord (yet another missed opportunity to use them). All they had to do was a copy/paste of Warband and flesh it a out a little. Instead, what we have is nothing short of a failed and bland attempt at trying something different.
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    The endless waiting

    Likewise, still a little curious about what TWs end vision will actually look like, while at the same time, and I hate to hear myself say it, I'm past caring at this point.
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    Get rid of the stupid cheering

    As I see it, cheering should be triggered if there is no active group selection by the player. Like so many other players, cavalry is often reserved to ravage fleeing enemy troops. Well, if I select them to fulfil that function I want the ENTIRE cavalry group to stop cheering and actively operate in response to the player's orders. The rest of the groups (infantry, ranged, etc...) not selected, may stay where they are and activate the celebration animations, but if I select you... cut the cheering and move your ass because I (the commander) command you to do it.
    Agreed. This is it right here, at the very bare minimum this should be a thing. Just the right amount of control + immersion.
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    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    Ah gotcha, thanks for clarifying.
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    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    Atleast we know that we will get one more use for them in one of the next updates when keep battles are introduced. TW said that they would use the whole scene there much more then before because the defenders retreat trough the streets of the town.
    Hang on, don't retreating soldiers already run through the streets back to the keep?

    If I'm correct they take different routes back to the keep depending on what area of the walls etc they are defending at the moment they rout. What else can TWs add to utilize the streets in a whole scene other than what's already in place now with retreating soldiers? I don't get this.
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    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    I seem to be in a perpetual state of war with at least 2 factions and cannot remember the last time I visited any town/village scene for purpose or pleasure. My gameplay literally consists of swatting armies, selling loot/prisoners and cheesing broken sieges.
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    What content did you want to see added in a paid expansion of the game?

    THere are some things I would like to see, but honestly the only interest I have in a paid expansion/DLC will be if any complete overhaul mods around at the time decide to include it.
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