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    Make NIN3 Leading MP Designer

    NIN3 is such a good person. One time, years ago when I was a kid my parents took me on a holiday to Turkey. We went to a restaurant to get some food since we haven't eaten anything for the whole day. Unfortunately, for some reason, my parents' bank cards were rejected every time we wanted to buy something to eat, and I was getting really hungry so I started crying.
    And there he was, glorious NIN3, doing something on his laptop (probably programming first mount and blade at that time). He heard me crying, walked up to me, and asked what was wrong.
    I said I was hungry, so he closed down his laptop, picked me up, and lifted his shirt. He breastfed me right there in the middle of the restaurant. A very nice guy.

    Thank you NIN3
  2. szymczak1503

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    What if you stomp the team X 12-0 and then team X beats team Y?
    The chances do go up considerably i'd say :grin:
    Of course they might, but it does not prove the case.
    On a good day, a few teams from div B could probably beat the worst team from div A. But it should not give them a straight-up right to replace them. That is why multiple matches are played against different teams in all divisions. To cut down the random events/factors.

    I agree that there should be a way for that WHEE team to join Division A, but it should be done in a way to make sure that these random factors are reduced as much as possible. I don't think only one match against the worst team is enough even if it is "EZ 12-0".
  3. szymczak1503

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Are you speaking in general, or are you saying there is a division B team that can beat WHEE ?
    I did not mean divisions when I talk team A/B, it is just the hyphotetical name of the team.
    Let's modify it slightly to make it more clear:
    Style makes a fight, If you are a new team and you win against team X (from div A), and team X wins against team Y (from div A), it does not mean you would win against team Y.
  4. szymczak1503

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Style makes a fight, If you are a new team and you win against team A, and team A wins against team B, it does not mean you would win against team B.
    Other teams played N matches for 6 weeks to stay and prove themselves in division A. I don't think that playing only 1 match against the worst team of div A would be fair. You should play with the 3 worst teams, and if you win at least 2 out of 3 matches, you are allowed to be in division A. That removes the possibility of one's team being dropped because of one slip/bad day/style-incompatible match/important player missing.
    Of course, there are disadvantages of such a rule, it put too much pressure on the worst teams to play more matches and manage their time better, but it lets other new teams promote quicker and it is more fair towards existing teams who already invested their time into playing.
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    What happened?

    There is a great interview with CEO of robocraft, game that failed because it went a route that Bannerlord is heading for:

    "A lot of players who are angry with the way the robocraft went, that we dump down the game mechanics, we dump down the building system. ..., Sadly, our attempt to simplify the building system in attempt to attract new players/keeping players from slipping through our fingers, they did not work, the stats did not improve. So we angried the existing players and did not improve the stats.
    Perhaps my biggest regrets are maybe if we went back, we would listen more to dedicated players and less to the short-term new players. And focus on what dedicated players like and exposing more of that and building on that rather than chasing the stats for new players."

    The dedicated players gave you a lot of ideas in multiple threads on how to improve the game, you did not seem to listen and decided to go your own route (which could work, but it did not). Maybe it is time to go back to the drawing board?

    I have never heard any dedicated players saying, "let's strip down the Warband equipment system and replace it with something else" when the game was "in progress".


  6. szymczak1503

    EU INT Duel European Duel Tournament IV

    I'm going on a vacation for a few weeks so I give default to all my opponents
  7. szymczak1503

    Can i know some information about 1.6.0

    April 1st, 2022, to celebrate the anniversary of the early access release that should have happened 2 months ago
  8. szymczak1503

    Reminder that even with an overwhelming negative response to the MP, Taleworlds won't change any fundamental design decision.

    Personally I like the class system.

    Played multiplayer Warband for thousands of hours and always found it frustrating having to pick my equipment based off of gold every round. This new class system seems to address and simplify that, which I like.
    That could be solved by having an option to save your loadout.
  9. szymczak1503

    Dismounting Horses should give Score

    I would remove the score column and split it into two columns "Damage" that shows damage dealt to the enemies(or damage that enemies received to be more precise), and "Other damage" that will contain damage dealt to horses or other entities e.g introduced by mods.
  10. szymczak1503

    1.6 Patchnotes That Would Make Multiplayer Playable for More Than The ~100ish People That Still Play

    I know you won't implement it but what about having a possibility to create your own custom class (e.g in the game menu), where you would be able to select class attributes, proficiencies, and perks from a pool of perks available for that specific faction. The choice of perks/proficiencies/perks will influence the cost of the class.
  11. szymczak1503

    10 postulates of Hairless aka how to make ur game better

    8. 2 hands from archers needs to be gone forever.

    @AVRC @NIN3
    Change perks so that they cost gold rather than are free, in that case we will be one step closer to bringing WB equipment system.
    Make that 2H perk cost so much gold that you will need to make a decision between better armor and bow vs 2hand.
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