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    Can't control troops after enemy flees

    Please allow commanders to control their troops.

    The current situation is awful.
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    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    I enjoy smithing. I like crafting weapons for me and my party to use.

    However, the economics of smithing make any other method for making money completely obsolete.

    Simply by forging and selling 2 handed swords, I can easily make $200k per day.

    The prices of smithed weapons need to be reduced. By a lot. There really should be a 80% trade penalty imposed on the prices for player made weapons. Otherwise, money is pretty much free.

    That said, there should also be a reduction in the cost of high tier equipment in general. 200k to 500k for top tier bows and armor seems like a bit much.
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    I'm done with this game.

    I am playing Aserai currently.

    They are very strong once you level up their troops.

    Who cares if the Aserai low level troops have a hammer? I only fight easy battles with low level troops. They're easy enough to level up.

    The Master Archers are some of the best archers in the game. The Mameluke Palace Guard are serious damage dealers. The Noble cavalry with their thrown weapons are very versatile.

    They have troops for seiges. They have troops for field battles.

    I have never played the Sturgians, so I can't comment on them, but the Aserai are far from weak.
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    Orders during a route

    Not only would it be useful for hunting down and mopping up routers, but it would also be great for practicing troop maneuvers.

    There's no real convenient way right now to practice with the various formation commands.
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    Does half barding horse armor provide 360 degree protection?

    I searched, but couldn't find a thread where this was addressed. Does half barding only provide armor protection for the front of the horse? On humans, your body is divided into different target zones, and the armor value of that particular zone (leg, arm, etc.) varies depending on what...
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    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    My problem with the looters is that they interfere with my villager parties who are trying to sell goods to towns.

    My current solution is to fight large looter parties, but not kill them entirely. End battle before my men have run down all the routers.

    This leaves a bunch of small, 5 to 10 man looter bands running around that can't harm anyone. Having these smaller parties seems to deter spawning of more looter parties.

    It's not a perfect fix. So many of the suggestions made here seem like such common sense solutions that I don't know why none of them have been impoemented in the game.
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    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Seeing that the game already has a "security" rating for fiefs, it seems logical that bandit and looter spawns should be tied to this security rating.

    Endless looter/bandit spawns is one of the things I dislike the most about this game right now.
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    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Does anyone know how looters spawn and grow?

    In my current game, I am seeing looter bands as big as 100 looters.
    Do they spawn that large, or do they grow? I'm guessing that they are spawning, because the larger bands seem to be in round number multiples of 10.

    Do looter bands grow in size if not killed? I'm wondering if I don't kill that small, 7 looter band, will it metastasize into a 100 looter band?

    Is there a cap to the number of looter bands that will spawn, or is it an unlimited number of looter bands on the map at any given time?

    Anyone have answers to these questions?
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    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Looter spawns are out of control. I have 2 fiefs right next to each other. Pretty much all I do is kill looters. They spawn constantly, in groups of 20 to 40. It's whack-a-mole 24/7. I can literally do nothing but kill looters, and it doesn't seem to put a dent in their population. I...
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    SP Other [PoP] How do I powerplay efficiently?

    Another guide:

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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I only bought the game for the mods. Several of my friends did the same - they bought the game purely for the sake of modding potential.

    Dear developers, you have implemented an original, beautiful, one of the best games of our time - please, do not use your position as a monopolist in this genre, listen to the words in this letter!
    I also bought the game solely for the mods.

    Hard to believe that Taleworlds can't see that supporting the modding community is the key to the game's long term success.
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    Financially insolvent in mid-late game

    The answer to your money problem is a custom knighthood order armed with blunt weapons. Warhammer and shield armed cavalry can farm Noldor and easily make 100k per week.

    Either that or make do with fewer troops.
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    PoP planned for Bannerlord ?

    I would happily put $200 into a Kickstarter campaign and spend another $100 to purchase a pendor dlc. Given how many hours I've played pendor, $300 would be a bargain for a pendor banner lord dlc.
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    What hardware makes a performance difference?

    Will a very high level modern gaming rig make a big difference in warband performance? Or is the game software not able to take advantage of a current high performance cpu and video card? I'm currently able to play battles with 400 men. I'm wondering how high I could get with a state of the...
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    If not Bannerlord .......... then what is the current " best MB experience " ?

    Prophesy of Pendor is the best ever. I really wish that it would be available for bannerlord.
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