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    Ukraine Today

    Granted it will take some time for them to get to Italy and they might skip it altogether, since it's chronically quite pro Russian.
    Italy habitually suggests and votes for the softest possible touch against Russia.

    Yeah, we clearly love Putin so much.

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    LOTR: Rings of Power (Amazon)

    A trailer dropped yesterday btw, I hadn't seen it when I made this thread

    Amazing how it neither looks nor feels like LOTR. The trailer makes it out to be a typical cookie-cutter fantasy tv series of these days. Reminds me of "the wheel of time" for some reason. I'll reserve further judgement for the actual episodes...
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    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder


    nice halloween update
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    arni autoblock

    I only watched few seconds, and at about 3:02 he blocks left while the opponent does an overhead. Honestly, be careful when accusing someone of cheating, it's not something to be taken lightly.
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    Creative Competition Winners

    Good work from everyone, but the 2nd map was truly impressive.
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    Stronghold Warlords is out

    Looks like a mobile game.
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    An Open Letter to TaleWorlds from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the Total-Conversion Mod Community about our concerns and frustrations with Bannerlor

    You know what. I'm done. This community has sucked out any enjoyment I had for this game. I left the forum last night feeling angry and realised 'what's the point'? I cant even login in and play the game I enjoy without just feeling furious at how utterly ruined this community is.... and I just don't care anymore. The 'player' base on here has totally ruined the game for someone who actually enjoyed it. The official game forum has literally driven away someone who actually loved the title. What a ****ing joke. So well done everyone. You got what you wanted. You destroyed all excitement, positivity and enjoyment I took from mount & blade... you achieved your goal. Look at my pointless ****ing signature - how ****ing childish am I?

    Im just done. Congratulations you win. I hope I can enjoy the game again one day; but I'm done with this forum.
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    Someone pulled off COOP!!!!!

    This mod is called Bannerlord Online.
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    Bannerlord Online mod

    This mod made me launch the game again. I'll wait until it's developed further, keeping an eye on it.
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    Someone pulled off COOP!!!!!

    It's taken a dedicated and large team of modders to get this far with Co-op after a whole year. Regrettably I think TW made the right choice not pursuing it (afterall consider how slow the game is coming already!).

    This mod was made by one guy, unless you're referring to something else?
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    [WRC] Statistics

    As usual, thanks for the stats. Awesome work.
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    SP Native Medieval Intrigues

    Fantastic work @Bloc . If the singleplayer wasn't just a battle simulator, maybe I'd bother to play it.
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    The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    Unfortunately, this is not currently part of taleworlds' development plans. It seems to be another one of the many discarded ideas, which after a possible revision may finally be accepted (unlikely to be the case).

    This is the latest official statement on the matter.

    Truly a shame, I remember making a thread about it in beta. Captain mode has zero value for me as long as I cannot do something as basic as choosing which unit to attack.
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    "His evil twin Anagram", that **** made me laugh more than it should've. Props for the...

    "His evil twin Anagram", that **** made me laugh more than it should've. Props for the entertainment.
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