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  1. In Progress Voulge head allows couching

    Summary: A certain configuration of a 2H polearm can be couched with some funny results when paired with a shield. You can manipulate it into a perpetual couched stance. I've made a short video showing the whole process. Detailed explanation below. How to Reproduce: In a scenario where I'm...
  2. Resolved Stuck in voting screen

    I created the ticket but unfortunately the closest manual save I had was 4 in-game days before the issue had happened. Hopefully it's enought to help.
  3. Resolved Stuck in voting screen

    Summary: Had two stimultaneous peace offers from both current enemy factions. I voted for peace in the first one, tried to vote in the second one but got a notification that said 'the decision is not relevant anymore'. Then I got curious and checked if I could vote from the diplomacy tab wchich...
  4. Resolved Battle : Snow particles issues

    Was about to report the same thing before seeing this thread.

  5. Resolved [e1.6.4] Village needs draught animals - required animal is not defined correctly

    Summary: The headman asked me gather 25 'animals' named '1'. How to Reproduce: I'll try to upload the save file after posting Have you used cheats and if so which: - Scene Name (if related): - Media (Screenshots & Video):
  6. Need More Info Wrong resolution in game!

    I figured out a temporaly fix after changing sharpen amount to 0 in video settings, the pixalated graphic bug is fixed. Please fix that because i liked the sharpen amount :smile:
    It is gone indeed. Worked for me too.

    For the record my specs are:
    Intel Core i5-8500
    RTX 2070s
    16GB RAM
    Installed on an SSD
  7. Need More Info Wrong resolution in game!

    Same here. It looks as if the resolution scaling was capped at like 70% regardless of what setting I use.
  8. Need More Info Caravan attacked by an invisible bandit group

    Summary: Everything is on the video but I'll explain just to be sure everything is understood: I've been escorting a caravan for a quest, scouting ahead of them and eliminating the scripted groups of enemies. After eliminating some bandits near Phycaon I reckoned there wouldn't be any more...
  9. In Progress Armies putting too much priority into recruiting

    I agree with what Zorion said. 1k AI troops would be a little over a 50% chance of taking that. A better option would be for them to pick a different target. I also would like to see parties on their way to join an army recruit more troops and stock up on food. Tiring having weak units join you and running out of food.
    Alrigth, that might've been a bad example but the point still stands. I'd like to see them make ANY decision other than "go there, buy food, recruit troops, repeat x5".
  10. In Progress Armies putting too much priority into recruiting

    I just uploaded the save. Enter Chaghan's army and observe - it's freshly formed. Each time I reloaded the game he went on the same recruiting spree, with varying routes.

    I just want to point out that some armies actually started reacting properly as some time has passed since my first report. However the issue is still present as you can see in the save.
  11. In Progress Armies putting too much priority into recruiting

    Summary: Every army I've seen in 1.6.0 so far seemed to be obsessed with recruiting. They are wasting their time and ruining their cohesion on running between friendly settlements and recruiting more and more troops. I don't know how their code works but I'm guessing they're tying to meet some...
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