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In Progress Voulge head allows couching

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: A certain configuration of a 2H polearm can be couched with some funny results when paired with a shield. You can manipulate it into a perpetual couched stance. I've made a short video showing the whole process. Detailed explanation below.
How to Reproduce:
In a scenario where I'm equipped with a shield, a 1H weapon, a spear, and the voulge:

1. Cycle to the voulge with the scroll wheel and press X when you get up to speed.
2. The player character will equip a shield without any weapon.
3. Immediately cycle back to the voulge by scrolling up. Scrolling down to unequip the shield or changing the weapon will cancel the bug.
4. The player character will become stuck in the couched stance until you change the weapon or dismount the horse.

Slowing the horse below the required speed or even stopping will not interrupt the stance. You'll be able to land couched strikes at any speed. Landing a hit doesn't interrupt the streak - it goes back to the couched stance almost immediately.

Parts used to craft the weapon: Voulge Head, Oaken Long Spear Staff, Double Hook Wings, Mace Shaped Pommel

Media (Screenshots & Video):


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i have informed the devs about the issue. Thank you for reporting it in and for your time.
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