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    Marrying familiy members to other clans

    Yes. This. I currently have several sons and nephews who need wives and everyone is only offering me their elderly widows, even though they have girls in their clan who are close to the ages of the young men in my clan. I can select my clan member that I want to marry off, why can't I select the person I want to marry them to?
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    In Progress Regarding a recent crash report

    Summary: My game crashed when I tried to disband Nusun's army and add him to my party. When we were just outside Myzea I took his troops, disbanded his party on the clan screen, and then asked him to join me. The game crashed as soon as I clicked "join me then". The crash ID is...
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    In Progress Blacksmith - javelins give too much XP and sell for too much

    This has been going on for a long time now, actually. I think the devs are going to overhaul the smithing system eventually and make it more balanced.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    I've been playing through the latest update with a new character, and a lot of the typos have been fixed. I'm editing the first post in this thread to show which ones have been fixed as I find them. If anyone comes across one I missed, please let me know.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    The past tense of strap is strapped, not straped. In the Riding skill tree, Well Straped should be Well Strapped.
    Main version e1.5.0.

    Added. Thanks.
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    Cannot use clan members to form party

    Did you go find all your clan member NPCs and ask them to rejoin you? If not, they are scattered across the map in random taverns.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    In the town management window, aquaduct should be spelled aqueduct.

    Added. Thanks.

    OK, not exactly a typo, but I haven't seen this called out. The tool-tips you use to see what is in another warband are unable to discern some type of troop. Note the arrows in this pix.

    I have been including these, because it is text displayed on the screen. It's added now. Thanks.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    Missing space in message: "Svana has given birth toEkadrya."

    Added. Thanks.
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    Well Well Multiple Companion Glitch

    Now before anyone says whats your spec's on your PC etc and can i get you this, i'm completely dumb in all that stuff so i wouldn't know where to look. this is just showing the balancing system as a ruler in game and do'nt know if others are experiencing this also.

    If you're using Windows 10, on the bottom left of the screen there's a box that says "Type here to search". Click in the box and type "dxdiag" without the quote marks. It will pop up a suggestion called dxdiag. Click on it. After a few seconds a window pops up with your system specs and some tabs across the top. On the tab that is showing when it pops up, you want the following lines: "Operating System" (OS), "Processor" (CPU), and "Memory" (RAM). Then click the Display tab and look at the first line, "Name" (GPU).

    It will not tell you what your motherboard or storage device are, and honestly I don't know an easy way to find out besides opening up the case and looking at it. I only know what motherboard I have because I still have the receipt and the box it came in. If your computer is a mass manufactured system from e.g. Dell, Hewlett Packard, etc. then the system model # should appear on the first tab in dxdiag under "System Model" but the big manufacturers sometimes still make it difficult to find out what motherboard they put in that particular model.
    If someone built a custom system for you, then you'll have to ask the person who built it.

    I hope this helps.
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    unit consuming 2 war horses in the troop tree

    Do we get back the not needed regular horse?
    Nope. At least I haven't.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    In the case that raiding a village will trigger a war with a neighboring faction, the dialogue says "Raiding this village will cause a war with ."

    Added, thanks.
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    Need More Info Wrong word on quest when speaking to Godun

    We have a thread for typos and dialog errors, to keep them in one place all neat and tidy. I will add this one to the list.

    Here's the thread:
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    Resolved Smithing Stamina not recharging

    Hi, I have been informed that this is intended by design. Marking this thread as solved.
    Shouldn't we at least be able to replenish stamina if we stay in a village? Why can we replenish when waiting to raid a bandit hideout but not in villages?
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    I'm playing the latest stable version e1.4.1. I found two NPCs with the same name: Dhashwal of the Jawwal. Duplicate first names are fine, but not if its their full names. Perhaps make one of them plain Dhashwal.

    The Jawwal are the Aserai mercenary company. The mercenary NPCs are, as far as I can tell, randomly generated the same way Wanderers/Companions are. I have had this happen in my game a time or two. The problem is that there is a small pool of names for the character generator to pick from, and no check for already-used names. If an NPC has a name without "the [Whatever]" (for Wanderers/Companions) or "of the [Whatever]" (for mercenaries) then that means they are pre-made vassals or rulers of the various factions (at least the faction and clan leaders are pre-made, I have seen one of them with two sons who had the same name so maybe family members are randomly generated? I have no idea). It would be better to just make sure that there are no duplicate names.

    I think the solution for this is to either expand the pool of names, or implement a check so that each name is used once until after all names are used, or both.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    Description of a village: "...being reclaimed by weeds, for lack of hands to sew it."

    Should be "sow".

    You know, I keep seeing that one, and I mean to add it every time I see it but I never do, so thanks for the reminder.

    Wrongly put space

    When I got a quest to deliver a herd to Baltakhand, the text reads:
    ... They've put together a herd of 42 cow i nBaltakhand, ..
    Should read:

    ... They've put together a herd of 42 cow in Baltakhand, ..

    Got it, thanks.

    Has anyone seen any typos fixed in a recent update? I haven't had a chance to play recently. Actually I haven't had a chance to do anything but work recently. In fact most nights I don't even eat dinner because I don't have time.
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