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  1. Resolved Unable to marry even though succesfull bartering

    Oh nevermind, this was just hotfixed. :smile:
  2. Resolved Unable to marry even though succesfull bartering

    Summary: I was trying to marry my character with Maurentios of the Northern empire. Was succesfull with the bartering and asked his father Manteos to finalize the marriage. He accepts with just an offer of one dinar and says "let's proceed with the ceremony" but nothing happens, except I get a...
  3. 🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    Playing 1.54 beta and the distribution of fiefs seems to be wrong.

    After every clan has at least 1 fief, the game starts favoring 1-3 clans over every other clan.

    I've experienced this also in 1.53 in my playthrough where I was the ruler, where I wasn't given the option to give fiefs to others but a select few and from those it cost vast amounts of influence to give any but the same clan each time (Garros).

    Currently playing 1.54 beta and the problem persists to extent where Derthert himself has only 3 fiefs but has given 4 fiefs in a row to Berican dey Rothad who now has 5 where others mostly have 2 tops, except Derthert who has the forementioned three fiefs.

    Edit: Found a wanderer called Nortos with two-handed swords. He's 69 years old and has mostly just errors as dialogue. Sadly I didn't have any room for new companions so I couldn't investigate further.
  4. Repairing items


    I've thought about the same thing. It doesn't make sense to have multiple partymembers with 100+ smithing skill, yet nobody can fix damaged gear.
  5. Southern Tunic Waistcoat model for men

    So, I was browsing some fancy looking town clothes for me and my party, 'cause you know, that's what you do with your unlimited wealth in this game. I came across this dashing looking silk clothes called Southern Tunic Waistcoat which looked just brilliant on my friend Friduna the Shieldmaiden...
  6. Need More Info [e1.1.1] Female Character gave birth to a child who spawned in an enemy town far away

    Summary: As the topic says, my female character gave birth to a child while riding around close to Sibir and now the child is found in Chakand, which is pretty far away enemy town. How to Reproduce: Haven't tried to reproduce it yet. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  7. Need More Info Can't create an Army in Armies Tab after selecting available unit "DONE" button does not work.

    For me it works when I change the resolution into 1600 x 900, create the army, then change back to which ever resolution I was using.
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