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    What's the end goal?

    The end goal is basically a melee e sport game as big as Cs go
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    Bannerlord Singleplayer and Bannerlord Multiplayer are two separate games that just happen to use the same engine.

    Imagine you start a company that makes vehicles. It turns out people really like your cars and trucks, but bikes not so much. Sure some people bought them and even advise you how you could improve them but you already made huge profits of the first two products and it's simply not worth it to take care of that small but demanding portion of customers...

    This is exactly the situation with Bannerlord. There is some old screenshot from discord of conversation with a dev that explains mp crowd is tiny enough to simply not matter (they even mentioned that shutting down mp altogether wouldn't mean much in terms of financial loses). Even now the game is Very Positive on steam and you all know it's because of SP.

    Personally I think that is all there is to it, unfortunately. SP feature came out better so the resources are focused on it. MP came out worse, so it's left to die out. That's it.

    The real "cruelty" here is something different though. It's actually the existence of this forum.
    Think about it: there are pages to no end of all levels of insults towards the developers with close to no response either on the forums or in form of actual development of things mp people want. The things that actually get implemented with the little resources left for mp seem to be really disconnected from the rude feedback. In every other game forum insults of this caliber would be moderated into oblivion, but here they are not. Try say something racist or sexist though and the reaction will be swift.

    Why is that? It's simple:

    The very lax moderation in regards to insulting developers is to provide a discrete place for venting frustration of unfortunate players that ended up in the "unimportant" portion of customers. I think TW deliberately allows flaming on this forum that most customers doesn't even know about so that the game doesn't get bad comments on for example steam or reddit or whatever main mass of players uses. It's a place for all you MP passionate gamers to cry till you die and you do it out of sight of other people that actually enjoy the main features of the game.

    Now you know what you all gonna do?

    "LLALALALALALALALALLALAA didn't hear that, TW when will you implement XYZ omg u suck as devs"
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    Skins are not OK. I liked that in warband every piece of gear had at least tiny bit different stats. Very immersive. So far in bannerlord this is still a thing so if they add skins on top of that it will be very confusing. Like is this a different spear or the same one but different skin. Another bad decision.
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    not every weapon should be able to be sheathed, like pikes

    I saw this made in some warband mod. I think it was named vikingr. Was pretty cool actually.
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    Let me explain something because you don't understand

    Imagine there is bad marriage. The dude is an alcoholic and is beating and verbally abusing his wife on regular basis. The wife doesn't want to leave him because she remembers times when he was a good boy and she thinks that noone else would be better for her anyways. So she stays begging him to...
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    Please TW give the patchie

    I know things seem a bit slow-moving on the MP front as of late, but I can assure you that we are working hard on some larger updates. More recently, we have been working on some significant combat updates along with new perks and general balancing, which we have been testing with a closed community testing group. We also continue to work on the panned features for MP that we have announced in the Statement regarding plans for MP posts. We just need a little more time to get them ready to go to beta and then live.
    I imagine at this point you must have some tough time writing stuff like that with straight face XDDD.
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    Bannerlord Online mod

    Oh man this mod is like successfully convincing a cop of being wrong. No good way out of it. Either a legal action is coming or final blow to devs reputation.
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    Classic mode for bannerlord

    Oh man this is madness. You guys still into "classess vs eq selection" debate long after TW themselves admitted mp in bannerlord is not worth it cuz they made enough from sp. Rip your sanities.
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    Instant Camera Snapback | Proof of Concept

    Tw needs to patch this out fast. Not realistic to snap your neck back to front positon so fast.
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    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2022 unless we find an alternative

    I'm lighting a candle on this monument to alienating the playerbase.
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    archers should not have direct access to twohanded weapons.

    But what is an archer? Are you mad for having your expectations subverted?
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    Face paint and character creation Q?

    Please refrain from using downright hurtful terms like "male" or "female". I really hope TW eventually wakes up and bans them all together like in the following example:

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    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2022 unless we find an alternative

    Hey @Callum any news regarding this topic?
    * Any even loose date for allowing custom servers?
    * Can you confirm they will be coming at all?
    * Will they be moddable?
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    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2022 unless we find an alternative

    what the class sytem which apart form limiting how you play allows better balacne instead of naked dudes with longswords? which how do you balance that?

    Please don't derail the thread. (although it still kinda is derailed from custom servers to wanting a roadmap which would hopefully contain info about them)
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