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  1. Do threads never die here?

    It's bad for the environment. Too many emissions.
  2. Do threads never die here?

    My mana is down to like zero. I can't cast any spells at all. Not even a measly plague o' frogs like in the good old days. And the stats are skewing so that firstborn daughters are becoming the "in" thing. There's a real shortage of firstborn sons out there.
  3. Do threads never die here?

    Me? Or Eogan? Personally, I'm still hanging on. Waiting for those payments of firstborn sons. Get started pls.
  4. Do threads never die here?

    We were desperate, Oh, I mean, because you are a fine upstanding member of the community!  :D And no, Eogan, threads never die. Just hopes, dreams and marriages. And pets. Stupid dying pets.
  5. Your Car

    Me too :( But it was getting old and needing more and more work. If I'd known at the time I'd be getting more dogs I would've stuck with it and had it repaired, but I thought my dog-owning days were over.
  6. Public Service Announcement

    Thank you. You may now have your spectacles back :P
  7. Introduction/Hello thread

    Yes, that. On to the next new person!
  8. Public Service Announcement

    Hey folks It's me, your friendly neighbourhood administrator, Pharaoh X Llandy! Some of you may remember me from such secret PM-campaigns as DO SOMETHING NICE... and other such worthy causes. Because I've been a bit absently lately, I've completely neglected to remember that I owe a lot to J...
  9. Introduction/Hello thread

    Har har. :P Sorry, but you'll have to put up with me for more than 5 minutes this time.
  10. Your Car

    I got a new* car. It's like my old blue Mazda, only it's red, and it has 5 doors instead of three. I don't have a pic but will try to take one tomorrow if I get time. *slightly newer, still second-hand
  11. The Most Dangerous Game II - All Manor of Secrets (Day 8) - 5 ALIVE

    Sooooo sorry guys. There are no good excuses for me not trying to get back here sooner. Just to keep you in the loop, dog #1 got scheduled for a fairly serious operation at very short notice (she's fine now, just going through the rehab stuff) and I've felt the need to seek a new job... which...