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    Do threads never die here?

    It's bad for the environment. Too many emissions.
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    Do threads never die here?

    Captain Teo "Buns of Steel" Fish said:
    With the decline in birth rates you must be starving.

    My mana is down to like zero. I can't cast any spells at all. Not even a measly plague o' frogs like in the good old days. And the stats are skewing so that firstborn daughters are becoming the "in" thing. There's a real shortage of firstborn sons out there.
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    Do threads never die here?

    Doctor Dingleberry said:
    You're still alive?

    Me? Or Eogan? Personally, I'm still hanging on. Waiting for those payments of firstborn sons. Get started pls.
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    Do threads never die here?

    Eogan said:


    Greetings, mortal!
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    Do threads never die here?

    Orion said:
    I'm not sure why, TBH.

    We were desperate,

    Oh, I mean, because you are a fine upstanding member of the community!  :grin:

    And no, Eogan, threads never die. Just hopes, dreams and marriages. And pets. Stupid dying pets.
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    Your Car

    Doctor Dingleberry said:
    I still miss Lego Car.

    Me too :sad: But it was getting old and needing more and more work. If I'd known at the time I'd be getting more dogs I would've stuck with it and had it repaired, but I thought my dog-owning days were over.
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    Public Service Announcement

    Thank you. You may now have your spectacles back :razz:
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Yes, that. On to the next new person!
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    Public Service Announcement

    Hey folks It's me, your friendly neighbourhood administrator, Pharaoh X Llandy! Some of you may remember me from such secret PM-campaigns as DO SOMETHING NICE... and other such worthy causes. Because I've been a bit absently lately, I've completely neglected to remember that I owe a lot to J...
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Arvenski said:
    Hi, Llandy! See ya in a few months!

    Har har. :razz:

    Sorry, but you'll have to put up with me for more than 5 minutes this time.
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    Your Car

    I got a new* car. It's like my old blue Mazda, only it's red, and it has 5 doors instead of three.

    I don't have a pic but will try to take one tomorrow if I get time.

    *slightly newer, still second-hand
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Buxton said:

    I'm back!

    I've not been on here in years so I should probably reintroduce myself. I'm from the time of Story mod, v. 4?? and when we NEVER expected multiplayer - in fact going so far as to say it was never going to happen.

    This is odd

    Welcome back!
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    The Most Dangerous Game II - All Manor of Secrets (Day 8) - 5 ALIVE

    Sooooo sorry guys. There are no good excuses for me not trying to get back here sooner. Just to keep you in the loop, dog #1 got scheduled for a fairly serious operation at very short notice (she's fine now, just going through the rehab stuff) and I've felt the need to seek a new job... which, after a pretty gruelling 2-month application/interview process, I'll be starting on 19th February.

    I was hoping to have this game wrapped up at least a week sooner than I'd scheduled... but when the call came for the dog op, I had to prioritise. Every moment that I haven't been trying to secure employment has been spent juggling 2 dogs who, until the New Year, couldn't be out of their cages together due to the risk of dog #1's leg being broken again. After I've had chance to catch up on any moderator developments, I'll back-track and see where people got to with their guesses, and post the resolution for you. You've been a great bunch of players, and I'm really sorry I let you all down. :sad:

    (for the record, I did have computer issues at one point, and after 2 fresh Windows installs and about 3 days with Microsoft employees logged into my computer, they told me they didn't know why I couldn't connect to my account, only for me to find out a couple of weeks later that it was because of that general Microsoft account issue that affected users worldwide. Idiots. But that was before I had the dogmergency)
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    The Most Dangerous Game II - All Manor of Secrets (Day 8) - 5 ALIVE

    Calradianın Bilgesi said:
    Btw bigmac dropped more items than number of people alive. May I
    Pick Up Faberge Egg
    if that's possible?

    Sure, why not.
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